This will be my last post of tweets for a few days. I’m going to be doing stuff in the real world that means I won’t have time. My apologies in advance.

The All Blacks won again last night, so New Zealand is happy! I was full of concern at the start of the game, which was against the Springboks (South Africa). They’re a great team, and we’ve had a pretty good run. If anyone was going to beat us at the moment, it was the ‘Boks.

They began strongly too. South Africa got a kickable penalty. Surprisingly, one of the best kickers in world rugby, Jantjies, missed. The Springboks also absolutely demolished the All Blacks in the first scrum. At first, New Zealand didn’t seem able to break through.

South Africa didn’t actually play badly. However, the All Blacks took advantage of every opportunity they were given by Springbok errors. Now matter how good you are, you can’t make mistakes around the All Blacks because they will capitalize, and that’s exactly what they did.

The final score of 57-0 is a new record for games between the All Blacks and South Africa. “Nil” doesn’t fairly represent how well the Springboks played. It never felt like we were running away with the game.

One of the most brilliant tries you’ll ever see:


Cat Tweets

Lovely eyes!


Watch that kitten!


This kitten is going to get stuck in a tree when it grows up.


War hero.
(Via Ann German.)


We all need love.
(Via Ann German.)


My mother’s cat repeatedly bangs on the hot water cylinder cupboard door until it opens so she can sleep in there. This cat has found another option.
(Via Ann German.)

Dog Tweets

This dog has a cat thing going on …


Aren’t they cute?
(Via Ann German.)


Remember Laika? A sad and cruel story.


Other Animals Tweets

I haven’t had squirrels for a while. These ones are cutie-pies!

Political Tweets

Yeah Mr Trump, those immigrants are really bad people. Not like all those nice big GOP-supporting businesses.


The Lithuanian flag really does look like this: ????????


This is what happens when you let fu€kwit$ like the Alt-Right have their say – everyone realizes what idiots they are and they lose their support!


Ann German has since sent me this great tweet of the MOAR (Mother of all Rallies), showing all the attendees!


(Via Ann German) From Business Insider article in the tweet below:

FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly obtained a search warrant for records of the “inauthentic” accounts Facebook shut down earlier this month and the targeted ads these accounts purchased during the 2016 election. …

Legal experts say the revelation has enormous implications for the trajectory of Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s election interference, and whether Moscow had any help from President Donald Trump’s campaign team.

“This is big news — and potentially bad news for the Russian election interference ‘deniers,’” said Asha Rangappa, a former FBI counterintelligence agent.

Religion Tweets

Learning to suffer like Jesus! Without religion, this sort of abuse would lead to jail. Disgusting sickos. ????????

Scenic Tweets



Santorini again, this time at night. Gorgeous!

Art Tweets

Very cool indeed!


Ha ha!


Funny Tweets

It some countries this back pack would get him arrested.

History Tweets

Now that’s a photo!

Entertainment Tweets

I bet there was a lot of Adrenalin being generated this night!


People Tweets

These people have some cool skills!
(Via Ann German.)


A very special, human moment.


Human Rights Tweets

It doesn’t change how I see water, but it’s an interesting way to bring attention to the problem.


All military forces around the world have issues with sexual assault. In 2016 Operation Respect was begun in the New Zealand Defence Force to tackle the problem. It appears to be a much worse problem in the US, and they have yet to do anything about it. That’s not good enough.


This’ll pi$$ off the Bible Belt. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. (Sarcasm alert!)



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