Day 9 of daily tweets. These tweets are supposed to be, at least partly, an escape from some of the horrors going on around the world. I started writing today’s one and quickly veered off into the horrors of Charlottesville.

Anyway, that’s all now part of a separate post, which subscribers will have seen already. So, apart from a few political tweets, and a mention of the ever-ghastly Pat Robertson, we’ve got the Good Stuff here.

Cat Tweets

Back seat driver …


What a cutie!

Other Animals Tweets

Great photo bomb!


What a close-up!


Who has a partner like this? 😀




Creationists think evolution isn’t real because chickens don’t give birth to puppies …

Political Tweets

You have to laugh.


And that’s the issue. He doesn’t have a plan or a strategy.

Trump relies on unscientific social media polls, so we can too. I put in my vote for Obama. The result at the time was 95% for Obama!



History Tweets

Always take your jewelry off before you go for a swim!


Very cool.

You’ve probably all heard this quote from Albert Einstein before, but it seems pertinent again now.


Underwater camera 1930s …


Science Tweets

I’m a couple of days late with the 12th anniversary of this event, but it’s will worth including.


Entertainment Tweets

I loved this movie! Bring it on!


I wonder who did the polishing!


Star Wars: A New Hope has special memories for me. At the time, I could recite almost the whole script word for word.

Religion Tweets

The hypocrisy of this revolting man disgusts me.

Funny Tweets

Today I’m dedicating this section to the You Had One Job account.

The first is a bit creepy though …


Maybe they did too good a job!


No words.


I used to work at Waikato Hospital, which is the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere. They had their own media department, which was excellent. However, one time they were designing some surveys for me. Throughout, doctor was spelled docter. (The copy I gave them to work from did, of course, say doctor.) You’d think that was one word they’d get right! It always surprises me when professionals don’t check spelling.


Guns in a gun shop. What a surprise!

No, it wasn’t in The Onion


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