Well, I did it. One whole week! It’s hardly enough to establish a habit though, so more work on this is still a requirement.

North Korea is dominating the headlines, and I’m preparing my own take on the issue. Things are changing faster than I can write, and most updates seem to be happening when I’m asleep. I just might have to do a summary when it’s all over!

We’re luck in New Zealand – we’re not big, and we’re not important. We’re not even a US ally. Thus it’s unlikely Kim Jong-un’s attention will turn our way. Even if there’s a military crisis, our role is likely to be mostly rescuing people via Busan and similar work.

We need distraction more than ever at the moment, so I’ll start with the Political Tweets today and get them over and done with.

Political Tweets

Via Ann German. Unfortunately, there’s too much accuracy in this cartoon.

Google translate:

Nur, was heute wichtig ist = Only what is important today
Trump gegen Kim = Trump versus Kim
Der Vergleich = The Comparison


I love it when stuff like this happens …


Another from Ann German:


And this is doing the rounds …

Which led to this:


A close up:

And some of mine …


Funny Tweets

No words possible …

Cat Tweets

Who is surprised a cat would do this! 😀


Trying the monkey experiment with a cat …

Other Animal Tweets

Via Amy Carparelli. Remember to check out her website RatedAwww.com. Also, it’s Amy’s birthday on Saturday, so if you’re on Twitter, you might want to wish her a happy one.


Showering with a friend saves water!


Or perhaps you need some help?


It’s a dog’s life …


Taking the bus …

Science Tweets

Windows like these are part of the plan for my dream home.


ALMA is the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array at the European Space Observatory in Chile. This part of the amazing complex in new.


This is tomorrow. The skies won’t be clear where I am, but maybe some of you will be luckier.

History Tweets


Religion Tweets

Someone thought of this, and still made it.


The far left infects Google …


While people like this infect the religious right …

Sports Tweets

I’m a few days late, but I love watching this man play tennis, so it’s going in anyway.


Human Rights Tweets

This Iranian women has a great husband!


The authorities are fighting back though …


Literature Tweets

And something a bit more highbrow to end on.


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