As you can see, I’ve made a change in the title for the daily offering of tweets. I think this makes more sense than what I was using before.

So, here we are at day six! One more and it’ll be A Week of It. For non-Kiwis, ‘A Week of It‘ was the name of an hilarious comedy show back in the late seventies. It was a parody news/current affairs show. You can watch episodes at the link, but a lot of it won’t make sense without a knowledge of Kiwi politics. I’ve got the bug though, and I’m watching some of them again!

We have a new category featuring today – Human Rights Tweets. I retweet the My Stealthy Freedom account frequently, but as you will see, the tweets usually only come up one or two days a week. This is one of those days.

Cat Tweets

Wait for it, it’s there. And it’s a typical cat …


Whatever they do, kittens are irresistible!


Thou shalt not mock thy cat!


And I LOL’d throughout this. Does that make me an awful person?

Other Animals Tweets

I think this horse is pretty pi$$ed off that someone tried to fool foal it.


New Zealand gets a look in with Gil Wizen today, which is very cool!

This is one of my favourite dog breeds.


It had to happen. They’ve even got dogs doing it.


Aren’t they cute?

And another cool inter-species friendship.

Science Tweets

Science is cool!

Human Rights Tweets

There are a lot of these brave women. You’ll see more of them in the future in this section.

They tweet themselves with their white hijabs, and several take it off altogether when driving.


This young girl is great, and the idealism of the young when they look at these issues always makes me smile.

Men are in on the action too, as you will also frequently see.


History Tweets

There have always been selfies …


Great picture.

Political Tweets

Bernie Sanders is still making exactly the same speech 14 years later, and he’s still right.


And this speech from Michelle Obama is especially pertinent today.

Which brings us to this speech from Hillary Clinton. I’m currently writing another North Korea post – it’s clear to me that the planet would be in a much better state on so many fronts if she was president of the most powerful country in the world.

At this point I will indulge myself and put up one of my own tweets.

Via Ann German.


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