So far today I’ve been trying to complete a post with the working title of ‘The Rob Porter Scandal’. Things aren’t going well, so I have to revert to a tweets post in the meantime. I’ve also got a half-completed post about the Nunes memo that has to be changed every day due to developments. At this rate by the time I get them done the rest of the world will have moved on!

I don’t have time to write a proper homily because of all the time I spent on the post. Also, there are few housekeeping out matters I have to get out of the way (below). However, I recommend instead ‘National Prayer Breakfast was Eye-Opening – In Unintended Ways‘ by Annie Laurie Gaylor. Gaylor is co-president of the US Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Here are the housekeeping issues.

Firstly, it is my practice to personally thank those who are kind enough to donate to this site if they are able. However, there was one today where my thank you was undeliverable: “Message rejected due to blacklist policy.” This happens due to a problem between a particular server with my own provider and one at Hotmail. It’s happened once before with another correspondent and I’ve already spent hours trying to get it sorted and don’t want to go through that again today. So I’d just like to say thank you very much to that person for your kindness. Your generosity is much appreciated. I’m very sorry I was unable to contact you directly.

Secondly, please take special note of the “Economics Tweets” section. There was a fake tweet in my last post. I sucked the kumara big time. It turns out that the Trump tweet that everyone on Twitter was re-tweeting about the Dow Jones/Joans was Fake News. Real Fake News, not Trump-style Fake News. I should have known better and checked. It didn’t look right to me; whatever I think of Trump, those words aren’t ones I would normally attribute to him. Trump’s apparently incorrect spelling of “Dow Jones” should have stopped me from using it for starters. I ignored my doubts because, quite honestly, the tweet was anti-Trump and my conditioning led me to believe it.

Thirdly, perhaps it’s old age, or just years of living alone. But I’m turning into a “get off my lawn” person in some ways. On the “Comments Guidelines” page there is now a list of banned words and phrases. They just piss me off. If they’re included in a comment, the comment will be deleted. So far there are only two: “abortion industry” and “lame-stream media.” I suspect there will be more.

Back to normal transmission.

A few snippets to keep you going:

  • A White House speechwriter, David Sorensen, has resigned today. There are abuse allegations against him too. There may be to be at least two more people in the same situation, but there are no other names being released at this stage.
  • 30-40 people in the Trump Administration still do not have full security clearance. (The situation Rob Porter was in because of the abuse allegations against him.) Some will probably get it, but many never will because of things they’ve done in the past. It is apparently an unusual situation for there to be so many this long into an administration. Most of those who can’t get a full security clearance are asked to leave.
  • As I write, the South Korean prime minister and the sister of Kim Jong Un, who is a senior aide in his administration, are meeting in the Blue House (the South Korean version of the White House).
  • On Fox News‘s ‘The Five’ today, Geraldo Rivera postulated that Steele didn’t write the so-called dodgy dossier. Instead, he said, maybe the Clinton campaign fed Steele the info for the dossier!!! This, the conspiracy further went, was so the dossier could be used in a dodgy FISA application. (My upcoming post will show that this is even more ridiculous that it sounds here.)
  • There were 300 people at the National Prayer Breakfast from 100 countries. 50 were Russians. Just sayin’.

Political Tweets

Turns out Donald Trump isn’t the only one with a history of defending sexual predators.
(Via Ann German.)


I saw on Fox New‘s ‘The Five’ that the Democrat response to the Nunes memo would be released. (Actually, it won’t be.) Maybe this is what they were talking about?
(Via Ann German.)


Or this?


#NoMore Tweets

The words on the left in this gif are the words Trump used re Rob Porter. He did not mention the women at all.
(Via Ann German.)


A great message for young girls.
(Via Ann German.)


Economics Tweets

As stated above, I got this wrong in my last post. Here’s a link to the Politifact story about it.


Human Rights Tweets

Good man!!!
(Via Ann German.)


Excellent way to highlight the issue.
(Via Ann German.)


The Trump Effect in full force. This is completely shocking to me. All my life I’ve seen the US as a racist country. (I’m not saying we’re perfect because we’re not. Far from it.) However, on the election of Obama in 2008, I thought there was hope. I even wrote about my feelings. I soon discovered I was wrong because a black man in the White House seemed to be too much for a lot of people. The election of Trump appears to have emboldened them.


Religion Tweets

Why does Ken Ham keep exposing himself in this way?


And Ken Ham’s not the only one …

Healthcare Tweets

Cool demonstration of what you all probably already know.


Space Tweets

Very cool.


More cool-ness
(Via Amy Carparelli.)


Flora Tweets

Because why wouldn’t you want to look like a stone? (Actually, why would you? Does anyone know?)


Creepy-Crawlies Tweets

This one is named after the tweeter!


Just wow!


Marine Tweets

Once again, octopuses prove their cool-ness!


Other Animals Tweets

Hedgehogs are cute!


This is lovely. Hugs all ’round.


Bird Tweets

New Zealand has the best birds.
(Via Ann German.)


Just following Mum!


I didn’t see this coming, though you might guess given the section I put it in!


Dog Tweets

A happy ending!


Another dog rescue!


Cat Tweets

This is majorly adorable! Kittens and baby bunnies!


All cats need their own mascara!
(Via Ann German.)


Apparently that’s the fruit basket!


And you thought you’d seen a black cat before …


Natural playmates???


Oh wow! Lion king.


Good night!


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