The sacking of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe last night by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was to be the subject of today’s post. However, thing’s aren’t going to plan. The post is not going to be worthy of public viewing today. Further, I’m going to be busy in the real world for the next few days. So my disgust at this whole situation is going to have to mostly pass without comment. And as I’m not going to be able to do a Proper Post for another few days, I’m reverting to a Tweets Post.

There is one piece of good news re Heather’s Homilies though. The site is now secure. You can see the wee padlock icon in the left of the address bar, and the change from http to https in the address itself. I’m very happy about this, and I know many of you will prefer this too.

Another story that I was planning to tackle is the situation in Britain with the murder of Russian emigrés by Russia. It’s not the first time of course, and I doubt it will be the last. It appears clear that these murders came at the direction of President Putin himself. Perhaps one of you lawyers can help with this questions I have. Can there be a charge of murder against Putin in The Hague? I know the International Criminal Court is for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Surely Putin’s actions are crimes against humanity? If the ICC can’t do anything, what can be done? Does it matter that Russia withdrew from the ICC? I assume that even if his crimes meet the criteria, that means there will be no charges.

And in the meantime, Putin is about to succeed in Russia’s election. Russians know the election isn’t fair, but they don’t seem to care. (I have data on that, but it’ll have to wait.)

And that’s a useful segue to the case of the Philippines. President Duterte’s war on drugs, which of course involves the approval of multiple extra-judicial murders, has seen the ICC charge him with a crime against humanity. Duterte’s response was to withdraw the Philippines from the ICC. I note there are several people in the US criticizing this move by Duterte. While I agree with the criticism, it’s pretty hypocritical of them. George W Bush did the same with the US in 2002, which was a disgraceful move in my opinion.

Here are the current members:

Current members of ICC

(Cropped and adjusted from Wikipedia source. Click graphic to go to source.)


As can be seen from the map, it is largely the countries that are abusing international law that are not members of the ICC.


Political Tweets

Very interesting. I’ve just been re-watching a documentary series about the rise of Hitler. It’s amazing how many parallels there are between the way Trump has taken power and the way Hitler did it. I’m not saying they are the same sort of people necessarily – I’m just comparing the process. There’s no doubt though that more than any other demographic, it’s authoritarians who are attracted to Trump.
(Via Ann German.)


The video in this tweet is c. 1 hr 20 mins, and I didn’t watch it. I just saw the beginning couple of minutes. It’s of General Michael Flynn, convicted felon, still in his uniform, getting a long standing ovation and more, as he arrives and is introduced in stellar terms, at a fundraiser for Republican candidate Omar Navarro.

Gun Safety Tweets

One of the amazing Parkland shooting survivors.


Human Rights Tweets

Another brave woman in Iran. Change is coming there I think. It may take a few more years, but the women’s movement is strong and increasing in strength. Unlike many other countries in the region, a lot of Iranian women have experience of democracy and freedom. That makes a difference.


Protect your info!
(Via Ann German.)


Religion Tweets

I’ve seen this before, but I’m glad to get the opportunity to post it again. Franklin Graham really is a revolting pile of scum.
(Via Ann German.)


Science Tweets

This is bloody brilliant! best thing I’ve seen in a long time! This idea needs to quickly move all over the world! I hope several someones in New Zealand take it up, especially in places where there isn’t enough housing, or it’s too expensive. Millions of people who can’t afford homes could afford one of these homes.


Wow! No need to pray for your arm to grow back. Science has got this!
(Via Ann German.)


I’m sure she means well …


Women and the internet.


Funny Tweets

Oh dear! ????


Scenic Tweets

Beautiful. I could be very happy living here.


Entertainment Tweets

Cool pic.


Marine Tweets

Turtles are so cute! I wish I was this guy!


I’d like to see it all in one pic, but it’s still cool.


Other Animals Tweets

A dream come true!


The SWCC Hedgehog Hospital is continuing to do a wonderful job caring for our prickly friends.


Bird Tweets

Isn’t it lovely?! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a pink robin.


Another robin. I wish it was Batman to the rescue!


Dog Tweets

I wonder why corgis lie like this?!


That’s the cutest kitten!


Cat Tweets

Gorgeous animals! And there’s a next generation!
(Via Ann German.)


Profiles in sweetness!


This cat shows the appropriate level of interest …


What a cutie!


Lovely story.


Poor boy. ????




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