It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Step Down

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I admire the way Bernie Sanders has conducted his campaign to be the Democratic nominee, and support may of his policies. However, it’s time for him to admit it’s over and to step down.

He’s complaining that super-delegates are not fair. He’s complaining that Hillary Clinton should not be called the presumptive nominee yet because until the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia at the end of July those super-delegates will not have voted. Technically he’s correct, but his reasoning is warped. Clinton has not only beaten Sanders with super-delegates, she’s beaten him with pledged delegates. The majority of those who have voted in the Democratic primaries and caucuses chose Clinton. Yes, she has achieved a majority by counting super-delegates, but in order for Sanders to win he would have to rely on the super-delegates to overturn the popular vote.

It’s got to the stage where Sanders is coming across as a sore loser. He did a good job. He motivated a lot of people. But more people want Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee.

If he’s still there saying he’s going to “carry on to the convention” when President Obama comes out in support of Clinton in the next couple of days he will look a fool.

This has got nothing to do with progressing the socialist cause either, it’s become about himself. He’s already in a position where he will be given a good spot at the convention, but that’s no big deal in the long run. How much sympathy do you think he’s going to get in the Senate over the next four years if he carries on fighting against Clinton over the next six weeks?

Step down gracefully Bernie, and maintain the respect you’ve deservedly gained before you lose it.


11 Responses to “It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Step Down”

  1. Martin Fuller says:

    I guess it is hard for some people to give up but I cannot help speculating (tongue in cheek) if Bernie is on the take from Donald Trump to keep the anti-Hillary campaign going.

    • Jenny Haniver says:

      Then there are those Republicans who, not so tongue in cheek, speculate that Trump is really a plant working for the Clintons.

    • The one I’d like a serious journalist to look into is the allegation that Trump is funding some of the protests against him. The fact that someone can even suggest that and people take it seriously says something about the race.

  2. Ken says:

    Thankfully, Bernie will ignore your advice, Heather, and continue to the convention, just as Hillary ignored similar advice in 2008. Even if there were not the critical discussion still to be completed before delegate votes are cast about who will be the better candidate against Trump, Bernie needs to ensure the other important business at the convention, about rules, about the platform, are approached from a position of maximum strength. He needs to ensure Hillary stays on as much of a progressive path as is possible for her, and would be politically stupid to do anything else.

  3. I like Bernie in the race. The office of president is nothing but a chapter title for the next political book. Society moves just as culture pushes it, thus President Obama ‘evolves’ on same-sex marriage else he is steamrolled by culture. Every now and then someone comes along and pokes a stick in the spokes and the wheels stop spinning. This time around we have two – Trump and Sanders. I think Sanders would make a fine president who will never ever accomplish anything. Trump is pure entertainment. I think Bernie should continue to run just for himself. He’s drawing good crowds and enjoying himself. He’s more relevant than any other candidate. I say let him have his time in the sun.

    As always Heather – thanks for provoking and promoting thoughts.

  4. j.a.m. says:

    Sanders definitely should milk it while he may. After all, he’s devoted his whole life to lost causes, like the losing side of the Cold War. Most people know nothing about him but his dream honeymoon touring the gulags and his undistinguished try at writing smut. Forty-eight hours after he quits he’ll be deservedly forgotten — and no one does amnesia better than the Clintons.

    • Ken says:

      My latest theory is that you continue to post your bullshit in the hope that the rest of us will get bored countering it, so that you might actually succeed in misleading someone. So it is with your pathetic slander of Sanders’ trip as mayor of Burlington to a sister city in the Soviet Union. That says much more about you than it does him.

      • I don’t know all the details of Bernie’s trips to the USSR, though I heard he went there on honeymoon, which isn’t necessarily a problem. I’ve always thought it would be an interesting country to visit, and I thought that before 1989. j.a.m. is right about Bernie earning a living as a porn writer, though I’ve never read it personally so can’t confirm it.

        • Ken says:

          Went on a municipal trip in lieu of a proper honeymoon is the case. He has joked about it ever since. I do agree that writing bad porn is inexcusable though.

  5. rose says:

    Hey maybe he could be vice president.He does need to step down .

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