Once again, most of today’s tweets are from yesterday. I put them in the post, then fell asleep watching the tennis (NZ Open). I’m not sure where I saw the joke recently, but it certainly applies to me right now. I don’t know what day it is, and I wake up to eat and wash. I have become a cat!

A couple of things caught my eye this morning. Firstly, the new year has started in Pakistan with another acid attack by a man on his wife. Apparently he entered into a contract for a second wife a couple of days ago, and he and his first wife have been quarreling about that since he told her about it. As you would! I mean, FFS!

Oh, by the way dear, I’m getting married again. You will have to share me and all we have with another woman. There may be some more kids to share my attention too. You can’t leave me, because you know how that would go down in our society, and besides, you would have no means of support.

Anyway, the wife went off to a Sufi shrine to pray after the most recent disagreement. On her return home, her husband did what rather a lot of men in Pakistan do with quarrelsome wives – he attacked her with acid.

The woman is in hospital in a “critical condition” with serious burns to her arm and shoulder. The man has disappeared in the meantime.

The police say they’re collecting evidence and attempting to arrest him. However, it’s possible he will get away with it. As Dawn reports:

According to a World Health Organisation report, acid violence against women in Pakistan is increasing at an alarming rate, particularly in the southern part of Punjab. It says 450 gender-based acid violence incidents occur in the country every year and a majority of the cases remain untraced.

Acid violence in Pakistan came to global limelight after filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s documentary ‘Saving Face’ received an Oscar award in 2012.

It is religion, in this case conservative Islam, that makes men believe they can act towards women in this manner. And religion is the reason they keep getting away with it as well.

The second Man Made Mad by Religion is Jim Bakker, though there’s a women (Michele Bachman – yes she’s back) with serious signs of religious delusion in this story too.

Bachman is apparently considering running for the Minnesota seat left vacant by the resignation of Al Franken, She’s awaiting God’s decision on whether she should run or not. But her delusion (in this instance at least) is nothing in comparison to Bakker’s.

Here he is telling his fans, with accompanying wild eyes, that God’s enemies and Trump’s enemies (the terms are synonymous) want Trump dead. He even thinks there may already be a contract out for Trump’s death by his enemies in Washington DC.



Here’s a slightly longer version of the video from Right Wing Watch, in which Bachman goes on at greater length. According to her, she’s the reason the GOP are anti-Obamacare! If that were true (it’s not) she’s actually done her party and country a great disservice. It also highlights the lack of compassion in modern US Evangelical Christianity.



Even if they were inclined to put a contract out for Trump’s death, I suspect Washington DC insiders would leave things as they are. Trump is doing a pretty good job of hanging himself all on his own. Besides, assassination would make him a martyr, and the last thing the world needs is St Donald!

People are having fun on Twitter with the idea of Michele Bachman running again. Ann German sent me this tweet:


Political Tweets

More Trump lies.
(Both tweets via Ann German.)


The evidence:


There were 29 successful terror incidents in the US in 2017. 24 of those were perpetrated by white supremacists and similar.
(Via Ann German.)


I feel sick for poor USians when I see tweets like this. People are going to die in large numbers as a direct result of Republican legislation.


Pre-Mueller Time Tweets

If Trump is impeached, this is where it all started!
(Via Ann German.)


An interesting development. One regular commenter on this site has regularly pointed out the issues with these two states. Another regular commenter has mocked the questions the first raises. Are we about to see who’s right? Mueller at least thinks the issues need investigation!
(Via Ann German.)


Jared Kushner by the numbers.


Human Rights Tweets

More from Iran.


This woman speaking out against corruption in Iran is brilliant! (Note that she’s not wearing the compulsory hijab either.)


Statistics Tweets

Now you know. They’re more polite in Britain when this stuff happens.
(Via Ann German.)




One of the responses was, “Why only in Britain,” to which someone else said, “Depends on the time zones.” SMH. Someone did, of course, point out that there’s a 119 year old in Japan, so it’s not the whole world. Because this is really important stuff. Then someone commented about how interesting it would be to talk to someone with three centuries of experience. That got someone noting how old a 119 year old would be in 1899; there wouldn’t be many, if any, memories let alone experiences! It goes on. Such is the Story of Life on Twitter.


Religion Tweets

This isn’t just about religion, but that’s a big part of it.


Good to see religion practicing what it preaches.
(Via Ann German.)


Weather Tweets

Says it all.
(Via Norm Walsh)


Literature Tweets

As Ann German said when she sent me this, “Asimov nailed it.”


Space Tweets



We’ve all seen this before, and read this before, but it’s always good to do it again.


Scenic Tweets

Very cool!

Science Tweets

Looking forward to this!


The highlights of the year at CERN.


Paleontology Tweets

This is very cool! There are some amazing finds here.


Good graphic.


Marine Tweets

Honestly, eels give me the creeps – it’s a hangover from going eeling as a kid. But I can still see the beauty in this.


What is it about eels and Twitter today?
(Via Ann German.)


Wow! What a cool creature!
(Via Ann German.)


The fourth in the excellent series about the work of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.


Amphibian Tweets

What a horrible looking frog (?toad), and poor wee mouse!



Other Animals Tweets

Cute kid!
(Via Ann German.)


What a horrible way to go! Poor beaver!


I still can’t tell the difference with confidence. It has pretty big ears. I can’t see its tail. It’s antlers grow from a central beam.


You’ve probably seen most of these before, but they’re all nice stories so it’s good to see them again.

Dog Tweets

Oh dear!


Very cute!


What a cool dog!!!


Cat Tweets

Very cute!!!


Not a happy camper!


Look at those ears!


What a lovely cat (and staff). A good one to end on!



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