Well, it’s been a while, and this still isn’t a Proper Post. However, you deserve for me to make an effort. There have been multiple prompts in social media today (even more than usual) relating to cats and dogs, so, Cats vs Dogs it is. I’m hoping to get a decent post out shortly. There is stuff I’m working on, but I’m struggling at the moment.

There are several reasons it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but the main one is lack of motivation. The advice to (real) writers who hit patches like this is always to just keep writing anyway. I have done a little of that, but you don’t deserve to have those efforts inflicted upon you! I will keep trying.

As time goes on, I feel more and more guilty about not writing. I feel I have a responsibility to those who make the effort to subscribe and read my posts. It’s pretty rude to stick myself out there, ask for donations to help me keep going, and then just not write for a couple of weeks.

Of course, the more guilty I feel, the harder it becomes to think about anything else, and the harder it gets to write. I promise I am doing my best.

Ann German sent me this tweet today, which became one of the prompts for today’s post. As it says, make sure you watch right to the end.


Ann also sent this wonderful one:


And I found these ones:


(No, not a cat, but it’s so cute I couldn’t resist!)


Simon’s Cat: ‘Crow’

On top of that, there’s a new short film from Simon’s Cat out today. Enjoy!



‘Dogs vs Cats – Which One Is The Superior Species?’

And, Infographics put out a new video today: ‘Dogs vs Cats – Which One Is The Superior Species?’. They answer the question, but they don’t get the correct answer (which is cat of course!). As you would expect, they avoid The Truth for the sake of avoiding controversy!



Cats vs Dogs cartoonCats versus Dogs

When it comes to getting a pet though, it’s not really about which is the superior species. Most people are either Cat People or Dog People. That doesn’t have to mean you don’t like the other species.

I’m a cat person, but like dogs too. I adored the Golden Labrador (Hiram) we had when I was a teenager. We always had at least one cat too, from before I can remember. Some of my favourite memories involve our cat having four kittens, which was pretty cool as I had three siblings. Thus we got a kitten each to name and look after.

Anyway, even when I was still a Christian, I had an extremely strong streak of independence which my father told me from an early age was quite unattractive in a woman. So perhaps that’s why I’ve always been a cat person.

Cats vs Dogs cartoonCats are the Pets of Atheists

Cats are known as the pet of atheists, though I know several atheists with dogs, including readers of this site. (One in particular has a lovely Labrador who makes many appearances on Facebook!) You can’t herd cats and, as Richard Dawkins pointed out in The God Delusion, you can’t herd atheists either. Maybe that’s why we like cats – their independence reminds us of ourselves.

Unlike us, animals don’t feel guilt, though we’re pretty good at anthropomorphizing their emotions. Dogs in particular know when we’re upset with them though, and sure as hell look guilty at appropriate moments. Cats handle such situations quite differently.

There are quite a few pics on the internet memorializing the differences between cats and dogs, as you would expect. One I found purports to describe the differences between people who like cats and those who like dogs. I don’t know where they got their data, but it’s fairly accurate when it comes to me anyway:

(If you can’t read the image, right-click on it and click “Open image in new tab”. That will display the original size, which is much bigger.)


Cat people vs Dog people graphic


Here’s a slideshow of some of the other graphics I found relating to the Cats vs Dogs question:

I hope you enjoyed that!


I know some of you, like me, are political animals, so here are some of the tweets I’ve posted in the last few days to show you what’s been on my mind the most. Before we get started though, here’s my new Pinned Tweet (I change it periodically):

And I can’t let this one from Ann German pass without mention:


Political Tweets

(Via Ann German.)








Mueller-Time Tweets



Gun Safety Tweets









Racism Tweets






Religion Tweets



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