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Leave Military Jihad to the Military says Qatari Professor

Qatari professor Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari appeared on Saudi Arabia’s Rotana Khalijiya TV on 3 June 2016 as an advocate for the more modern form of jihad that many Muslims today are embracing. I found it particularly interesting as he is saying the same thing I have been regarding the way some Muslims respond to adversity – that is with a violence that they justify by turning to the Qur’an.... read more

Guest Post: Why I’m Reluctant to Criticize Islam by Paxton Marshall

Heather asked me recently: I am curious about your reluctance to criticize Islam. It’s like you’re saying that there is one idea, amongst all the ideas in the world, that is immune from being questioned or challenged. With another horrific Islamist murder spree having just occurred in Orlando Florida USA, I am impelled to try to answer the question. It’s not so much that I am reluctant to criticize... read more

I’ve Finally Found A Use For Trigger Warnings!

As I said in my post yesterday about The Donald’s response to the tragedy in Orlando, such events bring out the best and worst in people. Here are some of the most revolting responses by average US citizens. There is a good one at the end to finish up as a balm for shredded nerves. Some people we already know are The Worst and they responded accordingly. It took me several tries to get through this... read more

Trump Continues To Prove His Ignorance In The Wake Of Orlando

CNN’s Anderson Cooper struggled through a list of the names of the forty-nine victims at the start of his show today. Each was accompanied by a short biography and often a photograph. That’s where the focus needs to be in the aftermath of this tragedy. Cooper himself has a policy of not naming the perpetrator in mass shootings to enable this. I’m not going to name him today either,... read more

Auē Tēnei Wiki: The Brussels Tragedy and the GOP

Tragedy brings out the best in the best people and the worst in the worst people. Therefore it is no surprise that the Islamist terrorist attacks in Brussels earlier this week have exposed some of the worst aspects of the attitudes of the two leading candidates to be the GOP’s presidential nominee. (Their third remaining candidate, John Kasich, has responded well, though I don’t agree with his... read more

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