My apologies for another long break between posts. I thought I should explain, and also use the opportunity to post some videos and tweets.

I’ve been out of town visiting the doc, which always takes me a while to recover from. In addition, my electric lift armchair is broken. Coping without it is difficult. The longer things go without it, the worse the pain gets. However, the end is in sight. (How to pay for a new one is now worked out.) I haven’t got the new chair yet, but at least I know it will happen, so that helps.

My New Cat!

I’ve got a nice piece of news too. The neighbour’s cat (that’s her in the pic above) has added me to her staff. I’ve got all the benefits of having a cat without the responsibilities, and a lot less of the cost. It’s winter here of course, and her discovery of my underfloor heating means my home is now an essential part of her kingdom. I give her cat treats, which she adores, and every now and then I give her proper food too. At the moment she’s lying on the carpet in the sun, sleeping off her latest lot of treats. Later this afternoon when the sun goes down and I put the computer aside she’ll be on my knee demanding attention. She goes home when it gets dark.

Upcoming Posts

I’m writing a post at the moment about how much the standing of the US has gone down since Donald Trump became president. This is not just my personal animus speaking: the data speak volumes. I keep thinking things can’t get any worse. Then they do. We’re only eighteen months into this administration and already the damage to the world is worse than I thought it would be.

But, bad as it is for the international community, the worst damage is closer to home. We see tragedies playing out on the border every day. However, there were many of those before. That’s not to dismiss them – it’s just that we can’t blame Trump for everything that’s happening there. There’s no doubt he’s made things worse though. Situations will at least improve there at some point with the introduction of new laws, and a new administration, among other things.

USians though are the ones who will suffer long-term. A new extreme conservative on the Supreme Court has the potential to damage the country for decades. Just writing that sentence I can think of maybe a dozen negative consequences for the country of just abortion becoming illegal in around 20 states, as it likely would with the overturning of Roe v Wade. (I might have to write about that before I finish the other post!)


Timestorm Films: Red Helium Reel 2018

Before we get to the tweets, there’s a new short film from New Zealand’s Martin Heck. I’ve shown his films before. Mostly he does beautiful time lapse films. This one is a little different, but just as beautiful. Do yourself a favour and view it on full screen.


Political Tweets

President Erdoğan wins in the Turkish elections.




So Sean Hannity thinks this is all bad stuff. All looks normal to me – pretty much standard for most NZ political parties.


There’s a push back in the US against people being too extreme on the left, but there’s one against people being too extreme on the right too.
(Via Ann German.)


Just sayin’.
(Via Ann German.)



On the legalisation of Trump’s Muslim ban.


Justice Kennedy resigns.


Well, it’s an argument. Not sure it’ll get anywhere though.



If Roe v Wade goes because of the appointment of an extreme conservative SCOTUS justice, this is just one of the likely consequences.


In response to the above tweet, I posted this pic for those who don’t get the symbolism … (but I can’t find the tweet!)

The reason the coat-hanger is significant in the anti-choice movement.

Short Comment re Protesting and Right vs Left

Moral High Ground cartoonI need to separate this out. I’m still on the side that says we liberals have to retain the moral high ground. The Right uses a false equivalence argument when it criticizes the Left for such things as asking Sarah Sanders to leave that restaurant. The things the Left is doing are nowhere near as bad as what the Right did, does, or has threatened. For example, I’ve never heard anyone on the left threaten actual civil war in the way I have heard the Right doing.

However, I note many of my friends whose opinions I respect have left me behind on this. They do think asking Sanders to leave a restaurant and peacefully protesting other Trump administration members when they’re at home or dining with their children is fine. I can see their arguments, and agree with some, such as the ones in tweets below (via Ann German).

I’m not there yet though. (Maybe it’s because I got lucky and was born in New Zealand.) But, I still want to give voice to the arguments, or parts of arguments, I do agree with.

Protest Tweets

This ghastly bitch (Priscilla Giddings) is a GOP representative. This Facebook post is apparently okay. It’s only liberals who have to behave well.
(Via Ann German.)


I can’t get over that people wrote this stuff and thought it was okay.
(Via Ann German.)


This is an excellent article. Again, I don’t agree with everything, but it’s good and I recommend it.


Milo Yiannopolous is an A$$ho£€ Tweets

It seems like he had nothing to do with this, but it says something about the sort of person he attracts.
(Via Ann German.)


Yeah, right.


Gun Safety Tweets

Guns make you safer?


Some facts.


Human Rights Tweets

Some more brave women in Iran, fighting for the right to uncover their hair in public. It’s the 21st century, and there are women who don’t even have the right to feel the wind in their hair!


Under arrest for not covering their hair. These vans of morality police patrol the streets in places where women are more likely to stand up for their rights, like universities.


Women have the right to drive in Saudi Arabia now, but they still have a male guardian for life. They effectively have permanent status as a minor.


In my experience, most police are great people. I assume that’s the same in the US as here in New Zealand. However, it’s a profession that can attract the wrong sort of people. (I know they try to weed those sort of people out before they hit the streets here.) It’s also a profession where one bad officer spoils things for the majority.


Just WOW! Tweets

No words. Just WOW!!!
(Via Ann German.)


History Tweets

Great photo.


I love illuminated manuscripts. It’s a dream to own one, though I know I never will. So too bad if you don’t like them, you’re going to get tweets from me from time to time.


Science Tweets

As regulars know, I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to science. I’m catching up in my declining reclining years! I didn’t even know about these things had a special name. Science is cool!


Science is cool.


Art Tweets

I got all today’s from the same source – a new Twitterer I found. I recommend a follow.






Other Animals Tweets

For our resident goat expert, Linda Calhoun …


Don’t tell me their feelings aren’t the same as ours!


Two less lonely people in the world


What a great job!




Bird Tweets

What a cool bird!




Great pic.


I consider owls honorary cats.
(Via Ann German.)


Dog Tweets

It’s a dog’s life!


I know it’s mean, but I laughed anyway!


A dog put to good use! (I do like dogs really. Just not as much as cats.)




Cat Tweets

There’s a new short film from Simon’s Cat. It’s hilarious, as usual. It made me laugh out loud anyway! I give you: ‘Simon’s Cat: The Snip’.


I think this is the best Cat vs Mirror video I’ve seen yet!


Just call me fluffy.


What to do with five kittens?


A very contented kitty …


Methinks there’s a power struggle in this household!


The book title is ‘I Could Pee on This’.


Scottish wildcats are absolutely gorgeous. It’s sad to know they’re so rare.




A fun one to finish on …


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