Boycott American Women …

No, those aren’t my words, they’re click bait!

Every day I delete multiple comments trying to get onto the website. Most are trying to sell viagra, football jerseys, or some form of sex. Quite a few I can’t read because they’re in Russian or a character language I don’t recognize. Some are trying to attract readers to their own websites. That’s where the “Boycott American Women” phrase comes in. Today, a commenter was trying to attract readers to a site called Boycott American Women. The sub-heading for the site is “Boycott Bitches – Why American Men Should Boycott American Women”. I kid you not.

He’s clearly not too good at algorithms – I suspect most of you aren’t exactly his target audience. I hope not anyway!  🙂

By the way I don’t know his name. Like so many of his ilk, this coward doesn’t have the courage to stand behind his opinions.

Boycott American Bitches Writer

The owner of this site describes himself thus:

I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. …

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

And this is how he describes American women:

In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

Guess What This “Man” Thinks of President Trump

Just this week he wrote a post in support of Mr Trump entitled ‘Why do feminists hate President Trump‘. At the top is this meme.



The post itself is short so I’ll post most of it.

The reason is because Trump is an alpha male. He is an alpha male that has a super hot foreign woman wife who is like 30 years younger than him. That really pisses off American women because they know they would never have a shot with an alpha male like Trump. Rich, alpha males like Trump only have sex with hot women and most feminists are ugly women. The real reason feminists hate Trump and hate alpha males is because they know they are too unattractive to ever attract an alpha male’s attention and therefore feminists are simply bitter people. Sour grapes, as the old saying goes.

President Trump is going to fix America and he’ll probably fix the corrupt divorce system which allows women to rape men financially in divorce. You would have to be insane to get legally married to an American woman because of how anti-male the divorce laws are. There’s a 50% chance your wife will divorce you and in America 90% of divorces are initiated by women. So marrying an American woman is like gambling on 50/50 odds that you won’t lose half your shit, half your assets.

President Trump is a very intelligent man and two of his wives have been foreign, non-American women. So Trump knows that American women are inferior to foreign women and this also pisses off feminists and American women to no end.

The future is very bright now that we have a real man like Donald Trump as our President. God bless President Trump!

American Women are like Cheap,Used Cars

His previous post was even worse. It’s entitled ‘American women are like cheap, used cars‘, and it goes like this:

Think about this. Compare women to cars for a minute. Foreign women would be like Ferraris that are being sold at a massive discount price, whereas American and western women are like shitty Ford sedans that are being sold at a massively overpriced value. Obviously, which would you choose? The Ferrari. Well, this is why American women hate competition, because deep down inside most American women know that they are like used cars, total garbage.

Check out the pic of the chick in this article.* You could get a HOT fucking Arab chick like that who will be loyal to you and has a smoking hot body. Meanwhile in America, even a fat ugly woman thinks she deserves a Brad Pitt. Foreign women are humble and are simply looking for a good man. They aren’t looking for a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt or a billionaire. So American women are insanely delusional if they think American men would choose them.

If American women want men to start marrying them again, they can learn how to act feminine and sweet again and stop acting like a fucking bitch and using the divorce court system to destroy men’s lives. Until then, foreign women are the only real option for any man with standards.

(*  I’m not including the picture of the “HOT fucking Arab chick”. You can click the link to see it.)

More Examples

There’s plenty more like this at this chap’s website. Another recent offering is ‘American women are a bunch of spoiled little brats‘ for example. It seems every couple of days he comes out with another rant about how terrible American women are. I suspect there’s one particular woman that is leading him to project like this on all women. If that’s the case, I’m glad she got away from him. I mean seriously, he goes on about American women but it’s a good thing he’s not typical of American men.

He’s Popular

This guy has only been around for a couple of months, but he seems to be attracting attention. Another recent post is ‘Boycott American Women blog is going viral‘ which reports his reader numbers. That post says:

Thanks guys. The blog is going viral. Got over 3,000 unique IP visitors yesterday and on average are getting about 1,000 unique IP visitors per day now. The feminists and SJWs are going insane. They hate this blog because it speaks the truth about feminism. Keep spreading this blog. Send the link to all your male friends. Tell them to boycott American and western women and only date, bang, or marry foreign women and Asian women.

That’s more than I usually get, except when Jerry Coyne publicizes one of my posts on his website. I don’t even have 1,000 subscribers yet – a fact I’m sure would thrill this dude no end. I mean, a women attempting to write about things like politics? It’s not to be countenanced! I shouldn’t even be thinking about such matters when there are floors to scrub!

The Suffragette Movement

I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to post these old anti-suffragist cartoons. However, they’re finally germane! I suspect Mr “Boycott American Women” agree with many of the attitudes on display.







My great-grandmother was a suffragette in England. When she came to New Zealand she was a nurse at Waikato Hospital in Hamilton. She met my great-grandfather, who was also an English immigrant, when he broke his leg. Hospital romances really happen!

What to Make of this Misogynist

I’m not going to bother criticizing this “so-called” man. He’s not worth the effort. The fact that his admiration for Trump is so unquestioning shows he may be delusional too, so it may not be fair to go after him. His latest post is ‘Feminists trying to destroy video games‘ which opens:

Why are feminists so much against video games? Is it because it’s one of the last things that men enjoy that are still legal?

Seriously? That’s truly pathetic. He says in the same post:

Men finally got sick of this crap and launched GamerGate a couple years back and this was the first mass rejection of feminism by a huge number of men. This scared the crap out of feminists but they are still trying to screw up video games with their idiotic feminism.

Look, if you’re too dumb to play video games, then just leave us alone. Go play Candy Crush or whatever.

Maybe that fat guy living in his mother’s basement wearing nothing but his underwear that Trump told us about really does exist.



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80 Responses to “Boycott American Women …”

  1. Martin Fuller says:

    Heather, well researched; well written.

    I am appalled by the attitudes of some of the people you have cited.

    I want to add my support your research and enlightened writing so have just made a donation.

  2. Ken says:

    Heather, I think the larger part of me doesn’t really want to know such people even exist, let alone that they should take up space on your fine blog, even if it is just to deride their prejudices.

    But as you’ve raised hospital romances, I’ll have to admit to one. As a young man I found myself in the ER with a slight eye injury waiting for the same doctor as a young woman whose cat had scratched her eye. Couldn’t resist!

  3. rickflick says:

    Thanks for pulling this stuff out and reading it. Now I don’t have to. 😎
    Pretty disgusting, and, yes, delusional. All I can think is the guy is anti women because he’s had a relationship that turned bad and he blames it on a whole class of women. That way he doesn’t have to take any responsibility for getting himself into a bad relationship or causing it. From his infantile attitude I suspect it wasn’t the woman he was with that caused the difficulty. He imagines women from elsewhere are his only hope. Good luck with that.

    • For a short time a couple of years ago I subscribed to two blogs that were part of the Men’s Movement. I commented on their stuff a few times. (It’s 10x worse than when I dare to comment on the right-wing Catholic blog I subscribe to.) The most innocuous of comments immediately drew the most angry, irrational of attacks. I was going to write about it all at one point, but it became so threatening I just pulled away altogether and stopped subscribing. It was quite depressing because both blogs clearly had a huge following and the violence was palpable.

  4. Diane G. says:

    Hmmm, this might explain my attraction to my Mexican and Persian beaus…

    I did end up married to a USian, though. 😉

    I do hope he follows his own advice! We don’t need him. (Apologies to my “foreign” sisters…)

    Speaking of foreign sisters–I’d love to hear their take on this guy’s characterization of them. Come to think of it, you qualify, Heather. How much do you identify with his ideal foreigner? 😀

    As always, I only wish these knuckle-draggers had to live for one year as a woman, with all the lookism & sexism that entails. I always knew why I identified with Black Like Me back in the day. (That was back in the 60’s, though; it’s probably non-PC now.)

    • I note that in another article he refers to (I think the phrase was) “American and other Western women”. Thankfully, I therefore wouldn’t have to bother with dealing with him. I think perhaps my penchant for independent thought and action has always been obvious because this kind of man has never made a move on me, but I have ended up in arguments with a few. I have had long-term partners that could only be described as alpha males though – real alpha males don’t find women like me a threat to their masculinity.

      • Diane G. says:

        “…real alpha males don’t find women like me a threat to their masculinity.”

        So true!

        • Mr Lazer says:

          Yeah you’re framing it wrong, most men don’t view women as threats to their ‘masculinity'(whatever that means), most men could kill a woman with a single punch as it is: the real issue is that men don’t want to deal with a woman that’s a pain in the ass, who makes everything a political discussion and is a drag to be around.

  5. GravelInspectorAidan says:

    Even a non-shrink like me could easily parse this retard’s postings and work out just how his last (probably also first) marriage ended, over which subjects, and with what outcome.

  6. Janus says:

    This is what happens when American men travel through places like South America and then return home. Essentially, they’re ruined.

    • Julio Sanchez says:

      Are you racist against South America?? I think so–USA-hah your daughters by the millions idolize Snooki-a drunk girl who makes millions by being a drunken slut–that’s what women learn when they come to USA–how about Miley Cyrus?? Millions of USA girls emulate her–Ke$ha–etc–In South America girls are expected to be respectful –learn to take care of the family & not behave like Hillary Clinton–Snooki or Deb La Fave–we reject your man hate We don’t need USA you are a colonialist Arriba Latinas!!

  7. nicky says:

    I’d say good for American women, he’s excluded himself from the ‘market’ by own volition. Woe to the ‘foreign’ ones though.
    However, I have to confess that I am guilty of finding his rants kinda funny too, sort of echoing the ‘Intersectionals’. Shame on me! ?

  8. jawn says:

    Ladies,please stop.We give up as men.Feminism has gone too far.
    1.False rape claims with women getting no jail time.

    2.Men made to pay child support to children which are not biologically ours because the man is father like for a short period of time to children that are not his…

    3.Judges throw out mens prenups in divorce courts…

    4.Women declaring to be equal to men,which is women proclaiming that men are equal to women who go through the pains of their periods and the pains of child birth,which men are not.

    5.Women looking masculine wearing mens crew cuts and celebrating fat acceptance while little kids in the world die or starvation.

    6.Women refusing to play traditional female roles,while requiring the man be the heavy lifting guy,the dirty job guy,the muse,personal joke assistant,court jestor,personal security guard and atm machine….While a man is supposed to be an an alpha male hulk hogan who “cant be a dic#,who in the click of the womans fingers is supposed to cry on her shoulder.”

    7.The statute of limitations on rape lifted in california,so now a woman can cry rape 70 years later ,destroying mens lives with absolutley no proof of anything,as time has passed.

    8.Men destroyed for lifetime alimony,child support,maternal presumption and no fault divorce settlements.

    9.I had two friends commit suicide after their wives cheated on them,yet in family courts the women still got child support,the homes,cars and kids…About a week after each divorce settlement was handed down,each man committed suicide.

    10.If men were doing to women,what women are doing to men through the court system,women would be declaring men were toxic a-holes and be refusing to date or marry men themselves.

    11.Black and white women both taking black mens jobs and college admission through affirmative action,then asking where the good black men have gone,while being 60% of the work force and 60% of college admission,while ignoring the equal pay act of 1963….

    12.Women have aborted 60,000,000 babies,also claiming victimhood as single mothers while over 30 contraceptives are available,with the morning after pill available,having sex out of wedlock,while the aids virus is on the streets,while for equality men are denied the right to opt out of fatherhood,as women willfully abort out of motherhood….

    13.I know a woman who just left her marriage,one day after he inherited about 100,000 dollars from the sale of a relative whom had passed away….Women are decimating men through the courts,we took notes as men and walked away.

    14.Men are taking notes,finally…….Almost every man I know is paying child support,or was destroyed in divorce courts…Ladies,we love you,but there is absolutley no reason to date,marry or have sex in the Usa…..many of us as men with 5 dollars in the bank,just wont do it….

    You want you men back ladies???How about supporting your men in America who are 90% of work place deaths,who fight the wars,who gave humanity toilet paper,modern convieniences to clean with…Who as men gave women the epidural,abortion itself,the c-section,morning after pills,daily contraceptives pills,the i phones women love,cars and laying every inch of asphalt on the roads and building every liberal college a woman walks into,in the Usa…

    Its not about giving up as a man in the Usa,and choosing to do anything….We as men feel as if women pushed our backs against the wall.Women kicked in mens fight or flight mechanisms….the only option for many of us as men is flight…

    Women marched in washington with p-hats on thier heads,with complete privelege over men….women dont seem to care because the privelege benefits them.

    Women dont seem to care that their own boys grow up to commit suicide after being destroyed by a fellow women in divorce courts…Instead of marching for more privelege in washington,how about marching against affirmative action,lifetime alimony,child support,maternal presumption and no fault divorce…

    In the idea of domestic abuse women commit half of domestic violence,often while the man is sleeping…while lesbians in America have the highest degrees of domestic violence.While a child is statistically hurt more at the hands of a single mother than anyone else…Ladies,we love you…but we quit.We have watched every man we know destroyed in the court system women own…

    As women classically get a lesser charge or sentence for the same crime a man would commit…Like school teachers who have sex with boys,which oversexualizes the boy who in the future through his oversexualization will go out sooner than later and hurt a school girl or a grown woman….and women cheer school teachers who often get lesser sentences…MEN OF AMERICA QUIT.

    Until we see women in the streets changing the system of privelege and entitlement through the court system women own,more men are going to pull out of dating and having sex altogether.

    An entire army of men like myself has been created.Every man or teenager I meet,I share these facts with them and try to discourage them from dating or having sex….Feminist inspired laws of privelege may very well destroy the entire nation from within,which is the purpose of marxist femininsm.

    Feminism destroyed femininity and chivalry,while no fault divorce,child support and welfare women took over the father,destroyed the family.

    I do not believe anything is going to change,and as men refuse to have children,have sex or marry….America will decline,as men who decide not to breed will also decide not to work as they will have no families to support…

    The boycott American women poster is correct.I believe women not being held accountable for their actions in America through the courts and being priveleged over their own men they claim to care about,has created such narcissisim,ego an overvalued sense and sense of entitlement in women who were raised by diseny princess movies,who believe they have the perceived choice of millions of men to choose from through online dating and social media for a boyfriend or husband,has created undateable female monsters in America.We love you ladies,but you have gone to far.We as men will remain single.

    The gig is up.Men finally woke up to the destruction westernized/American women statistically will bring to our lives.Women in America initiate 75% of the 50% of all marriages that end in divorce.Over time,men noticed too many women stealing mens cookies.We will keep our cookies and our cookie jar,thank you very much.

  9. Donkeydong says:

    You’re angry at the site because you and your American female counterparts have earned the reputation as being the most narcissistic, impolite, self-centered, status climbing, rejection-addicted monsters in the world! You females are the ones who lack appreciation for everything the men in this society have done for you. This Heather chick who runs this blog doesn’t even understand how much men have given her. She probably had student loans (provided to her by a male-run organization), she also probably worked odd jobs (by male-run businesses), she also received help from her family (provided by her father), or lives nearly rent free with a boyfriend (male). Everywhere the average female turns they require help from men and these Western females spit in the faces of their benefactors by denying sex to everyone. Males want sex for giving you a home, electricity, education, clean water and democracy. You give us sex. No other substitutes. None.

    The only way to show appreciation to men is by being thin and offering sex, it’s the least you could do, but this simple act is contaminated by so much self-centered silliness that men are befuddled at the cause of it all. You ridiculous females think that getting a job and offering menace will propel you through the ranks when all that men want from you is for you to be thin, gracious and sexually available. What in the world is so hard about that?? What you females don’t seem to realize is that average women are designed to be the sexual practice hole for average men attempting to attain their manhood. You were born to be a sex slave and provide it to men who want you. You were not born to be these loathsome, rank, ice-cold harpies who deliver hatred towards males that aren’t the spit shine ideal. Your beauty is meant to be defiled.

    Men need to have sex with women in order to sharpen their manhood into a perfect steel. Generations past women accepted this role as a whore or they got married. But with modern luxuries women are completely disrespecting this balance. Instead of being there for the men and thwarting their cravings for revenge and war, instead these females use their best years banging alpha studs and/or CEOs literally wasting their prime years as potential prostitutes for average men and instead only banging a handful of elites. These indulgences aren’t overlooked by average males either. They see how women take the utilities developed by males only to turn around and mock them for giving these freebies to them by sleeping with hot studs and disparaging nice guys online. Of course women will be the receptacle for male rage.

    You seem extremely naive to the actual role of females. They are there for men to enjoy during peacetime. Their main purpose is to be a sexual relief for males that might turn on the society. And why not? The males created you for this. Every generation of young men see what older men are getting and want a piece of it. They will even go to war just to prove they are suitable for the sex smorgasborg. Denying them of this and only sleeping with “premium” males instead is the highest act of betrayal to the society and quite close to an act of terrorism. It is much like a carriage horse refusing to do their job of transporting people full-time and instead requesting that the driver pull it around! That’s how insane this situation is, the roles of humans have been reversed and permuted to the point of lunacy. On top of that this horse demands mounds of carrots to feel good about itself and pats its back with the other horses about how fabulous its life is and how little it needs to work anymore doing its real job transporting people. The horse praises its newfound “rights” which allowed it to make demands out of the driver, who now has to cart it around. But although the horse is content eventually if this charade continues the carriage rider will go out of business and the horse will be slaughtered.

    Females seem to overlook how important sex is to the average male. Additionally they seem to obsess over getting free access to the utilities that males create and maintain, mostly because it means that they won’t have to put up their bodies to pay for it as they did in the past. You’re a generation of whores who have been given all sorts of free spoils from the society and have the tenacity to brag about dodging your sexual responsibility with the men. It’s gotten so bad that the value of the US dollar has been hurt. With women getting free money and easy jobs it only inflates the cost of money and destroys the country, literally by dis-incentivizing men from work. It costs more and more to impress a woman into sex in the modern era because of these artificial advantages bequeathed to nincompoop females. An average salaried male is a joke to a thin (white) woman as she can always get a job from a horny CEO. A man thinks of money this way: how much money do I need to purchase sex with it? All forms of money follow that basic core tenet. But what good is money if the average man suddenly needs a small fortune to gain the attention of his female counterpart? Why should the man work if the cost of sex inflates to half or even three fourths of his salary!!

    Eventually this parasitical behavior will catch up to you and your female ilk. The courts will eventually turn on you. Males who have been spurned by beautiful women will eventually gain a foothold maybe not to weaken the individual female, but definitely to weaken the position her daughters (and possibly exile her sons.) Nobody enjoys this scenario but you females and your arrogance have it coming.

  10. I don’t know whether you’re a troll, a misogynist, or just plain ignorant. Whichever it is, you’ve got just about every aspect of this Heather “chick’s” life wrong. However, my personal life is absolutely irrelevant to the bigger picture.

    What you seem to fail to realize is that women have wants and needs that don’t necessarily revolve around pleasing men. We are people in our own right, with the consequent right (in Western democracies at least) to make our own decisions about our own lives. Get used to it.

    Further, I suggest you do some wider reading on economics. Countries in which women work in the paid workforce are far more successful and much wealthier than those in which women are forced into what ever role a particular male relative chooses for them.

    The children of well educated women are also more likely to be successful in life than the children of poorly educated ones. The education of their fathers makes far less difference, so your children should be okay as long as their mother has a decent education. (Though why a women would choose a man like you to father her children is completely beyond me.)

    I suggest that what you don’t like is that in the modern world women have options. They no longer have to put up with men like you. We can choose men who treat us as the equals we are, recognize that our brains are just as good as theirs, and who we can form loving partnerships with that meet both our needs. Such relationships are far more satisfying for both parties, though I doubt you have the emotional sophistication to appreciate them.

  11. Julio Sanchez says:

    Thank God for Brasil Venezuela Mexico Colombia Nigeria Kenya Indonesia Morocco Poland Paraguay Jamaica Russia India etc Feminists Colonialists will never change them!

  12. Jim says:

    Boycotting American women is a foolish notion. There are at least 100 good women left in the US. On the other hand, if one decides he would like to meet a good woman, I suggest the most efficient way to do so is to look outside the US, Canada, Australian and western Europe. But the real problem is with men. We accept behaviors and attitudes that we should not. Most of us are still doing stupid things like buying dinner and opening doors. We tolerate nagging. We allow a women to kick us out of bed and sleep on the couch. We White Knight and Virtue Signal. When a woman uses sex to manipulate us, we don’t leave her immediately. We get married even though we know that doing so gives a woman the power to divorce rape us while we receive nothing in return. If men started being real men, (not the gynocentric pansies that women tell us we should be) everyone would be better off. In short, we need to treat women like we treat other men and hold them accountable for their behaviors. Those that do not, should be ignored no matter how hot they are. 95%b of the things men don’t like about women are a direct result of men’s own supplication to them. And guess what, women would grow up and we could all be a lot happier if men refused to bow before women.

    • I’ve approved your comment for the sake of freedom of speech. However, it’s a load of shit. Seriously, you need counselling.

      • Mr Lazer says:

        You’ve rebutted none of his statements though and you just resort to ad hominem then you use some lame shaming tactic like “you need counselling”. I think it’s clear to everyone here that you’d rather men have blinders on than question the things that they observe and experience in life–that can be dangerous!

    • nemo9813 says:

      Bro I get what you are actually trying to say but perhaps you should frame it better and use a communication style to encourage debate as opposed to sounding like a bitter man. Its ok if you are bitter but maybe tone it down a bit. Redpill has some valid points here and there but dont let it consume you like a cult or you become no better than those that you despise.

  13. Donald T says:

    What a trashy, sexist website yuck

  14. nemo9813 says:

    Well that guys a charmer lol….seriously though, I personally would not marry a western woman but not because I hate them, its because of 2 reasons. First Is not actually the woman, its the law/government, I do somewhat align with what the OP is saying if you dig underneath all the hatred….I believe given the stats on Divorce that it is far too risky for me as I know from close friends experience ls that that men come off second best. I understand this is partly due to potential future earnings and who is the primary carer but I certainly don’t wish to pay a mortgage on a property so my ex can move her new boyfriend in….this is currently happening with my close friend in Australia. She had an affair while he was away working but he gets to pay for a house where another guy shags his wife…not cool. I work in oil and gas, this is a very common scenario, more than you might think.
    Im also ex military and its even worse there to the point in the NZ army we all had to get mandatory legal advice as a mass group because so many guys were getting rinsed because of the 2 defacto relationship law which allows women to make claim after that period, of course that means men could too but Im not aware of any woman getting rinsed by it.
    I have countered this by moving assets offshore and opening accounts in 2 countries outside of Australia and NZ. My properties in Aus are owned within a business trust to offer a small amount of protection domestically. This move is more to protect against our own systems than women but it just so happens to protect me somewhat if I were to get divorced in Aus/NZ….money spent on good accountants is never wasted!

    2nd Reason is that I like the petite feminine asian ladies and their morals and culture, my GF is from Indonesia and she is wonderful (I work in Aus but live in Bali) , unlike my previous wino loving whinging drama queen exs who used to sleep around alot (some guys care, some dont)….I also dont wish to be looked at as a utility for when she starts getting broody, being asked how much I earn or if I have a degree etc is a put off and is subtly asked by almost every western woman I have come across far too soon……Imagine if I asked how many guys shes slept with or her weight…id be hung hahaha.
    There are a few more reasons why I won’t date western women but the above are the primary reasons. Its not so much “western women” but more the culture as a whole which I won’t explain here due to length/breadth. Think (booze culture, Political correctness, safety safety, red tape and general entitlement mentality across society)

    The OP sounds like a 30yo virgin basement Redpill guy, or possibly a extreme MGTOW, If I wasnt with my GF I would probably be classified as a non extremist MGTOW. MGTOW at the non extreme end seems ok as it focuses on self improvement but the extreme end are just plain nuts, same league as hardcore feminists IMO. Problem is these groups are growing by the day and due to shaming and aprobrium it is a covert movement to which many of us can identify with but not completely label ourselves as members which scews the numbers of how many exist, I know plenty of MGTOWs and a few Redpillers and can say they represent all the spectrums minus the extreme end thankgod. I do worry that when these groups get real traction it will have serious ramifications in western society demographics in say 10-30yrs hence im opting out early. Hope I dont seem like a hater, I have many close female friends and they get what I say without being offended….mind you 2 of them are lesbian redpillers, who knew there was such a thing? haha. BTW good luck with your blog….Laters!

  15. William Kendall says:

    I’ve seen the Boycott wanker before. I wonder if he’s still alive or has done the world a favour and ceased wasting oxygen. I see his fellow trolls are commenting on your post and showing themselves to be the worthless dregs that they are.

    To them, I would say this: you are the reason your life is such a fuck-up. Nobody else. Not the women who will have nothing to do with you. Not the minorities you think won’t mind their place. Just you.

    Stop raging at your own mediocrity and blaming everyone else for what’s become of your life, give yourself the kick in the ass that you need, and stop being a complete wanker. Grow the hell up.

    Personally I doubt you’re capable of doing so, but hey… you could surprise me.

  16. anon says:

    And yet when American women marry foreign men, American men get mad because foreign men look better than they do, especially European and Latin American ones. As if American men are entitled to American women. Hence, the cockblocking of foreign men by American men.

  17. Let The Truth Be Told says:

    Just too many feminists man hating lesbian bitches all over the place nowadays making it very difficult for many of us straight guys trying to meet a normal decent woman with a brain, and they just don’t exist anymore today unfortunately either. These very pathetic low life loser women will just grow very old all alone wit their cats sitting in their rocking chairs when the time comes.

    • Statistically, the percentage of “feminists man hating lesbian bitches” is minuscule. Therefore, the problem is probably your attitude towards women in general. And with that attitude you’re going to die alone too. If you see us, and treat us, as equals, you’d find there are plenty of smart women out there.

      • Mr Lazer says:

        Yes and those miniscule amount of women tend to have the most influence on wider culture. lol…As far as smart women are concerned, modern women often confuse narcissism with ‘smarts’. Men don’t have to placate women anymore, if you wont meet their needs, they’ll just find some other gal who will while your ovaries and vagina dry up like the Sahara. 🙂

  18. Kevin says:

    I don’t know, in general white American women have been very rude and cold towards me as a white American man. The women that are interested in actually getting to know me tend to be Asian or Hispanic. I feel as though non white girls here are more down to earth and understanding towards men. Hate on me if you will, maybe I’m a “man,” but this is my experience.

    • I think you’ve just proven my comment about your attitude. You’ve interpreted it as “hate on” you, when it’s nothing of the sort. Asian and Hispanic women often come from cultures where women are less equal than they are in your country and mine. They expect less from a man. It’s not US women that are the problem. You are failing to live up to their expectation of being treated as an equal, which is perfectly reasonable. I suspect that if I met you in the real world I might become rude and cold towards you too because you don’t appear to see women as equals, and don’t appear to want a partner in a relationship. What you want is someone compliant to your wishes. That is not a relationship. It’s a mother you have sex with.

  19. Kevin Dhimitri says:

    I do not see how I am failing to meet their expectation of being treated as equal, when I cannot even initiate a genuine conversation with them! I get rejected frequently by US white women, at least in my city (NYC). I am not sure why, maybe it’s because i’m not 6 feet tall or visibly successful. I suppose the bar is set higher here.

    However, I must challenge your assumption that I do not treat women equally. I have a kind heart and am definitely not out to control other women, that is something I cannot do as I hate being controlled in any form myself. In general I love meeting new people and getting to know who they really are. Receiving cold, cruel remarks when I just want to have a conversation with a woman is hurtful. I guess it’s part of my responsibility as a man to become less swayed by rejection moving forward.

    • I’m sorry if I’ve misjudged you in any way. Without knowing you in the real world, of course it’s impossible for me to know if that’s what I’m doing.

      You do seem very bitter, and perhaps that’s coming across in your conversations without you realizing it. If you’re constantly expecting rejection, you may be putting up unconscious barriers to friendship too without even realizing it (by assuming rejection before it even comes). Most women are much better than men at reading people, and so they could be seeing things that you don’t realize you’re projecting.

      Painting all USian white women with the same stereotypical brush is not good either. I’m sure you don’t like those women who make sweeping statements about “all men”. We’re all individuals, and none of us likes assumptions being made about us, whatever our gender identity.

      Things all women appreciate. (I am not assuming you do or don’t do any of these things.):
      Have a shower every day.
      Don’t smoke (unless the woman is a smoker too). Non-smoking women are extremely unlikely to get into a relationship with a smoker. They’re unlikely to even want to talk to him if he smokes in their vicinity.
      Do not patronize/talk down to us.
      Don’t mansplain. i.e. don’t assume we need anything, especially something that has traditionally been in the realm of men, explained to us.
      Approach life with a positive attitude as much as possible.
      A good sense of humour is always appreciated.
      Don’t tell jokes that are racist, sexist, or in any way disparaging to any demographic. (I would imaging this goes double in New York.)

      • Mr Lazer says:

        The fact that you used the word “mansplain” means that it is YOU who is bitter and are a misandrist. That’s why nowadays whenever some woman that’s a feminist gets knocked out by a man in a YouTube video, everyone in the comment section cheers and it never used to be like that. If you hate men so much, stop using male inventions. Men are not going to come to your rescue either anymore, so you better stay in your lane before you end up knocked out on YouTube.

        • That was, afair, the only time in my life I’ve used the word “mansplain”, and it was used for what I think is a very good reason. I am neither bitter nor a misandrist, and in this same comment have pointed out the dangers of stereotyping. You seem determined to find something about me to criticize. In the interests of freedom of speech, I have allowed your comments to continue to appear. However, you have broken the Comments Guidelines from the start and I won’t put up with your pathetic attempts to get me to bite much longer. Men with attitudes like yours simply aren’t worth the effort. As I said above, there are no grounds for a reasoned debate while you do nothing but insult me, and project the actions of a few extremist feminists onto all of us.

  20. rickflick says:

    Kevin Dhimitri, you tell a story that gains my sympathy. I felt much the same way at one point in my life. I’m now happily married with one child. Let me add one bit of advice that might help. Be careful of seeking a “genuine conversation” with a woman you don’t know well. Most conversations are about nothing or the work at hand. Relationships develop most often around shared interests. If you are interested in art, join an art group. If you like birds, join a birding group. When you share common experiences with other people, men or women, you begin to find bonds and feelings for each other outside the realm of strictly sexual attraction. When people can appreciate each other on that level, going to the next step is a logical progression. I guess I’m saying you need to have patience.

  21. Dr Anon says:

    I just watched the trailer for the old John Wayne movie The Cowboys. One line in particular applies:
    Have you ever considered using boys on the cattle drive?
    School boys? Sure, and women too! My momma in cedar city is only 92!

    This punctuates the fact that women are on the same social level as young boys. This is how most men, including myself (a highly educated independent masculine fellow) will always see women. No amount of sensitivity training will change this natural order. It’s quite clear we need special rules just for women to exist at work without the type of anxiety and precursor to emotional breakdown you’ve written here.
    Since women were liberated in the 60s, their rates of obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, suicide and other comorbdities have continued to rise. If you think that’s the answer, old cat lady, keep blaming men for being men.

    We can make our own dinner and pay a younger, prettier version of you to clean our houses and jack us off. That’s really all you’ve made yourselves useful for in the 20th century. I suspect this generation of young men will live to be single at higher rates than ever and probably be happier than ever too. Something to think about during your next therapy session, grandma.

    • I could argue the facts in opposition to your assumptions. However, it’s clear from your reversion to attempted personal insults that you don’t have the weaponry for an intellectual battle.

      • Mr Lazer says:

        “I could argue the facts in opposition to your assumptions. However, it’s clear from your reversion to attempted personal insults that you don’t have the weaponry for an intellectual battle.”

        On the contrary, it’s clear to everyone here you’re trying to bluff you’re way out of answering him properly by feigning intellectual superiority…but in the end all you have is ‘illusory superiority’. lmao.

        • You’d have a bit more credibility as a judge of intelligence if you learned to spell.

          • Mr Lazer says:

            Speak for yourself, I’ve already found plenty of malformed sentences created by you in the comment section. You compensate for your lack of life experience and depth of thought by trying to appear smart to others–it’s just a smokescreen though and when you’re backed into the corner, you deflect and obfuscate…pathetic. Yawn*

  22. Ken says:

    Starting to understand why incels can’t get laid.

    • Mr Lazer says:

      Starting to understand why you’re a mangina with a classic case of “bitch think”. The word incel is a boneheaded word: I’ve seen fat ugly pot belly dudes with money scoop up 20 something year old girls and let’s not forget the thugs, bad boys, jocks, and prison gurus scooping up chicks as well.

  23. Let The Truth Be Known says:

    So many very rotten and evil women everywhere nowadays thanks to feminism. A very excellent reason why so many of us men are still single today because of this.

    • If you think feminism is the problem, the problem is you. What exactly is wrong with the idea of women’s equality?

      • Mr Lazer says:

        Except it’s not about female equality but female supremacy over men. Men no longer buy into feminist propaganda and the few that do are self hating manginas that beg and scrape at the feet of women in the vain hope they might get laid. 🙂

  24. Mr Lazer says:

    Feminism should be renamed “The Angry Spinsters Club”. Feminism is a cancerous doctrine promoted by ugly women who can’t land a man. The fact that there is so much hate toward this man proves that what he was saying was true–calling him a retard is just a lazy way for an imbecile to not address the issues being brought up. Most women will die alone these days.

  25. AJ Weaver says:

    This was the dumbest waste of time I’ve ever spent on the net – reading this garbage pabulum from some angry nigger loving bitch on the web.

    Whore. Shit the fuck up. White women voted Trump in at 53% of the total vote. Trump is your fault. Also, have you ever cheated? Yes? You are just like Trump!

    Your writing sucks shitty asshole, your over entitled ass knows NOTHING, and trust me bitch, since I’m laid off if I run into an issue with an entitled cunt I’ll beat her down, no questions asked.

    American White Women are a curse. My wife had to be taught not to talk down to me, with a fist to face. Come at me bro! Bitch, you gonna get beat!

    • Another ignoramus with the inability to read the ‘Comments Guidelines’ before posting.

      Trump is not my fault. I don’t live in the US, and if I did I wouldn’t have voted for him. I’ve been able to see through him for decades. I doubt you have as you appear to share his racism and misogyny.

      And not that it’s any of your business, but no, I’ve never cheated.

      Your threats don’t scare me one little bit, so if that’s what you’re trying to do, it didn’t work. You clearly need psychological help, and I would advise you to get it sooner rather than later.

  26. Elite says:


    Please shut the hell up. Feminism is a fucking disease. It is not about equal rights. I am a good looking guy who is single and had to start my own business after college due to feminism and women stealing all the jobs. That is literally what is happening whether or not you want to figuratively speaking or politically correct. It is complete and utter bullshit for anyone to think women have it tough. A lot of women are self-entitled bitches. I use hookers and have sex with as many women as possible. Women who act like bitches, I treat them as such.

    I have told women and other men the way it is. If they disagree, fuck them. You don’t know what it is. You’ve been brainwashed and don’t know you place “as a woman”. You want to be a fucking man. Stop with your fucking bullshit. Stop being so brainwashed.

    • Who the hell do you think you are to tell me to shut up on my own website? I’m just as entitled to an opinion as you are, whether you like it or not. If you don’t grow up and learn to accept that women are equal, you will spend your life angry, miserable, and never able to have a truly fulfilling relationship with one. Eventually you will die alone, still blaming women for all your problems because you never learned to grow as a person.

      Right now, you just sound like an entitled jerk who had to start his own business because no one else wanted him. Women are allowed jobs just as much as you are, and the best person for any job, man or woman, is the one who should get it.

      If this comment is anything to go by, I suspect you come across in job interviews as someone who can’t get along with others. That skill is essential in the team atmosphere the best businesses have these days.

      And how do you know it was women getting jobs ahead of you rather than other men anyway? More men are employed than women, and the higher up the ladder you go, the more likely it is that a man will get any job, whether he has the best qualifications or not. Those are the facts. Look it up. There are very few professions where women dominate.

      Don’t make me, or women in general, an excuse for your own inadequacy. Real men don’t fear equality with women, or blame them for their own problems. Get over yourself. Get help.

  27. rickflick says:

    Your reply to Elite was excellent. What kind of a name is ‘Elite’ anyway?

  28. Feminism Is Cancer Caused By Women says:

    Well now that Feminism is much worse than cancer today caused by most very rotten evil low life loser women bitches, which it is very obvious to me that so many of us good single men can’t meet a decent normal woman anymore these days. Women today have changed for the worst of all, and are very severely mentally disturbed altogether now making the dating scene a lot harder for many of us men since they’re very much too blame for this mess in the first place to begin with. Very dangerous now for many of us men just to say good morning or hello to a woman that we would like to talk too and meet, and there are times when they will Curse right at us for no reason at all which is why they really are very sick altogether unfortunately. It has become a very sad world now with these type of women in it adding to the problem, and many of us men really Aren’t to blame at all for the way how women have changed over these years. Going back to the good old days when most women were very civilized and Real Ladies compared to the real horrible ones that we have unfortunately these days, and this is why so many of us smart single men are now going MGTOW today because of these women losers. Most of these women will just grow very old all alone with a bunch of Cats when their time comes. Have a lot of fun with your Cats ladies, you certainly deserve it.

    • If you think that women wanting to be recognized as the equals they are makes them. “very rotten evil low life loser … bitches”, then you’re the one with the problem. I assume that because you don’t think women are equal, you don’t treat them as such. That may be why you find women rejecting you. Saying, “good morning,” to a woman is fine. If that is accompanied by a leer, or you’re clearly talking down to that woman, you’re inviting rejection.

      And if you’re choosing to go your own way (MGTOW) because you can’t handle the fact that women are your equal, then you are the one that’s going to end up alone. It’s not women that need to change, it’s your attitude.

      Most men are able to have perfectly happy relationships these days. Every man I have ever been out with since I was 18 has asked me to marry him, and all could be described as alpha males. As real men, they didn’t see my strength as a threat.

      In the “Good Old Days” most women were unhappy. Many were unable to reach their full potential, get an education, work outside the home if they wanted to, and much more. Men were able to beat their wives and even the Police wouldn’t intervene unless they actually killed them, by which time it was too late of course. That it still the life for many women around the world, and it appears that is what those men criticizing me in the comments want to go back to.

      You, and men like you, are the ones with the problem. I admit there are women who take things too far. Personally, I think it’s a reaction to finally being free of the yoke of men. It’s still the early days of freedom for women. Things will settle down as men like you accept the new reality. Most women aren’t like the extremists, just as most men aren’t like you. Most of us don’t want to subjugate men in the way we were subjugated by them in the past. We just want a society where men and women have equal treatment, respect, and opportunity. We’re not there yet, but it’s better than it ever has been.

  29. Feminism Is Cancer Caused By Women says:

    And women like you, really are rotten since many of us men can’t even find a half way decent normal woman to have a relationship with anymore. And why in the world would we ever blame ourselves to begin with, since the women today are very different altogether now from the past? Real awful no good women everywhere these days unfortunately, especially the ones that have no manners and personality at all when it comes to us men just trying to talk too them. For your information, there are many of us good men out there by the way that are real gentlemen when it comes to women. But it is the women today unfortunately that are the ones that are real men haters, and a great majority are Gay to begin with as i can see. It is a real shame that God never created women like the old days when most women back then were totally the opposite, since it was certainly a lot easier for our family members when they met one another back then which i can certainly see why. Feminism is much worse than cancer today, since it really has destroyed their brain cells altogether now too. So it is women like you that are the real problem to begin with, and Not many of us men that are innocent that really do want a love life. It is a real good thing that God really made most women in the past real ladies, otherwise this world would’ve never progressed thanks to the women back then that really made it happen.

    • If you think your God made the women from the past you assume you would have liked, that means he made today’s women too. Perhaps, then, it’s punishment for the way so many men treated women back then. And men like you may have preferred women acting like they HAD to back then, but the women were mostly unhappy. Perhaps it’s our turn now.

      Besides, most of the men I know are able to have good relationships with today’s women. Ime, the ones that aren’t are the ones that try to change women, which they can’t get away with these days if the woman has any control over her own life.

      The truth is that what you want is control over a woman, not a relationship. A relationship is based on mutual love, trust, and respect between equals. That doesn’t appear to be what you want. Don’t blame women for not wanting to be in the control of men, blame those men who are still trying to decide how women should behave.

      I’m not pretending all women are wonderful people. They’re not. Just like there are a lot of men out there who treat women badly. Unfortunately, many women have learned to be very wary of all men because of the way they have been treated in the past. Maybe you have met more than your fair share of women like that. And because on the whole women are physically weaker than men, we have reason to be wary. Men often use physical means to try and get what they want.

      Also, don’t make assumptions about why a woman doesn’t want to talk to you. Most men assume it’s personal. It actually rarely is, assuming you really are a decent guy. Often they just have somewhere else to be, or they’ve had a bad day, or they’re tired, or they’re with other friends and want to stay talking to them, or some other reason that has nothing to do with the man trying to talk to them.

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