Beautiful New Zealand I

The wonderful Amy Carparelli on Twitter (@AmyAmylou1993) often tweets interesting videos and articles about a science, nature, astronomy, and a few other things. Today I was thrilled to get this one in my notifications. It’s by Martin Heck of TimeStorm Films and is called Amplitude. Make sure to watch it on full screen.  Enjoy!

I’ve been to some of the locations in the film, and recognize them; some are not too far from where I live. Those of you who are New Zealanders or who’ve been here will undoubtedly recognize some of the locations too.

It’s a privilege to live in such a beautiful country. We all have a responsibility to keep it that way.

Locations are:

Fjordland National Park, Karamea/Oparara Basin, Metro cave (Charlston), Lake Matheson, Jackson Head and Haast Pass.

8 Responses to “Beautiful New Zealand I”

  1. Diana MacPherson says:


  2. Amy Carparelli says:

    Hello Heather, thanks ever so much you are very kind 😀

    New Zealand looks so beautiful from what I have seen and I hope some day to visit 😀 <3

  3. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Amy, New Zealand IS beautiful and you must get out there to see it for yourself. If it wasn’t around the other side of the world (I’m in England) I’d be visiting every year.

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