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Ta Moko

The ta moko (face tattoo) has no relevance in the context of this post, though it does to the person wearing it. It just happens to be a Māori design on a Māori face next to a saying I like, because I like having pictures accompanying my posts.

Worries and Winners of the Week (again!).

You may remember I wanted to name this segment of my website in Māori in recognition that I’m a proud New Zealander. I came up with some words a few weeks ago, but wanted to check that I’d got it right before I used them. So I e-mailed a cousin who speaks Māori fluently and often, including for his job.

A couple of weeks ago we finally caught up in the midst of his globe-trotting. It turns out I could have used the words I was going to, but he came up with some better ones that rhyme, so I’m going with those instead.

Auē a Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki

Auē: (oh-air) alas, for goodness sake, oh dear. It’s often accompanied by a rolling of the eyes, or a good old face palm.

a: (ah) and

Tau Kē: (toe care) Very cool.

Tēnei Wiki(tair-neigh we-key) This Week.

So from now on, we’ll have:

Auē Tēnei Wiki and Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki, collectively known as Auē a Tau Kē.

Kia Ora (thank you) Richard for your help with this. I appreciate it very much.

If you’d like to know more about Māori pronunciation, check out Mā


Note: I’ll leave the category “Winners and Worries” in the category list so you don’t have to remember how to spell the Māori words.

4 Responses to “Auē a Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki”

  1. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    Thank you for the information. I shall copy paste it in my MS Australia document. (Has New Zealand and Tasmania in it too.)

    I believe that one of the male actors in “Fear The Living Dead” may be a real Māori .

    • Diana MacPherson says:

      Yes the actor in Fear The Walking Dead is Cliff Curtis a Maori whose American dialect is getting better. I have a bit of a crush on Cliff. He was also in Once Were Warrors and Whale Rider.

      • Night-Gaunt49 says:

        Yes I got the title wrong. “Fear the Walking Dead”. My bad. Must have had Romero on my mind….

        • There’s a new US TV series with Cliff Curtis in a lead role too. Can’t remember the name off-hand. He’s Temuera Morrison’s nephew (Bobba Fett). Both have a pretty extensive list of credits. There are several other Maori actors on US TV, usually playing Hispanic/Latino roles. I recognize them when they appear, but I’m a shocker at names at the best of times.

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