You’re probably all wondering where I am given it’s been so long since I put anything on the website. So, I thought I’d do a quick tweets post to get you up-to-date.

Everything is the same as usual with me. The problem was I didn’t have a laptop. On Thursday morning while rushing to answer a Skype call from a friend, I sent my laptop flying across the table and onto the floor. Then, while I was trying to get my laptop back into position again, and while Skyping on the phone at the same time, the laptop went skidding across the table and off the other side.

Anyway, the computer is okay, but the screen is toast. And I also broke the internal microphone. I took it in to get a replacement screen straight away. But living in the middle of nowhere means new screens aren’t readily available. The new screen was ordered immediately, but the courier couldn’t get it here until Monday. However, when I went to pick it up, the repair guy had just made the discovery that they’d sent the wrong screen. Another screen was duly ordered, but once again didn’t arrive the next day as it should have.

Now, I do have a desktop computer, and a tablet, and a smartphone. But when you’ve got a body in the condition mine is, it’s not easy to get physically comfortable. An electric armchair, a table with wheels sitting across the chair, and a laptop, are what I need to write for more than a short time.

As a result, I was AWOL during the biggest week of the Trump presidency so far. There is consolation though – it looks like it’s about to get even more dramatic!

There’s so much to comment on, I’m not sure where to start. Every time I think I’ll leave a particular situation for a longer post, the events quickly become yesterday’s news. There’s more to write about in the Trump presidency so far than in the whole eight years of Obama’s administration. Of course, the main reason for that is so much of what Trump does is controversial.

Trump’s supporters say that the only reason so much of what he does is contentious is that most of the media is liberal so they’re automatically going to criticize anything Trump does. When an interviewer manages to pin down a Trump supporter and get them to admit he was wrong and it’s not just an unsympathetic media, they always fall back on one consistent line. That is, “The American people elected Trump. They knew he wasn’t perfect, but he’s what they want.”

This is simply not true. I’ve said as much more than once in comments, but I don’t think I’ve said it in a post, so here goes.

The American people did NOT elect Donald Trump.

It was the Electoral College that gave the presidency to Donald Trump. I admit they didn’t have a lot of choice about it. But the truth is, most USians gave their votes to Hillary Clinton. She was the one who was able to convince USians, by a majority of three million, that she should be president.

So DON’T tell me that Americans chose Trump, and that he’s doing what they want. They didn’t. Americans chose Hillary Clinton. The vagaries of the US electoral system along with Russian interference and the James Comey press briefings, gave the US their embarrassment of leader.


In Memoriam Tweets: Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush died today at the age of 92. Here’s what a few people are saying.









Barbara Bush quote.



Political Tweets

I don’t know if Ikea did this deliberately or if it’s a translation thing, but I love it either way!
(Via Ann German.)


This is a something about Trump that annoys me a lot. I think the country should pay to keep the president safe, no matter what I think of the president. However, there are issues with Trump because there’s been no proper divestment of business interests. Trump makes the Secret Service pay for the golf carts they use to follow him around his own resorts, for example. There’s not even a discount rate. I personally think that’s OTT. It means Trump is profiting from the presidency. I’m sure there are other areas where this is happening given the amount of time Trump spends at resorts he owns.
(Via Ann German.)


Wow! Looking promising so far. Let’s hope they can get this right. (They’re due to get something right after all the appalling fuck-ups domestically!)


Mueller Time Tweets

This isn’t strictly Mueller-time as it’s part of a state prosecution (despite what Trump’s acolytes think), but it’s easier to put this here than make up a new section.


I suppose it’s possible?
(Via Ann German.)


As (almost) always, Trevor Noah’s take is brilliant!


Very well said!!!
(Via Ann German.)


Funny Tweets

Very good!
(Via Ann German.)


Ha ha!
(Via Ann German.)


Fake New Tweets

In case you’re not aware, Obama is NOT saying those things. The video is real; the sound is not.
(Via Ann German.)


Gun Safety Tweets

Isn’t this what we all thought would happen? (I know this is old news now, but I wanted to make sure I got it in somewhere!)
(Via Ann German.)


A response to the above tweet …


Human Rights Tweets

They’re getting braver – there are more and more tweets of women going hijab-free.


Getting rid of the baddies is one thing. And it’s right to ensure employers are following the law. But if this employer can’t get employees except by employing illegal immigrants, and these kids are US citizens, I think they’ve got their priorities wrong. Why aren’t ICE agents going to downtown Los Angeles and rounding up those gangs Trump likes to wax lyrical about? Are these easy targets to get the numbers up?


As it says in the second tweet, men don’t realize that employers, just like everyone else, don’t like to tell people they’re not good enough. Saying, “we needed a woman,” is a useful way to get out of telling someone they weren’t good enough.
(Via Ann German.)



Science Tweets

Here’s a new series I’ll be featuring with the help of science communicator Amy Carparelli. I really like the third item in the video. We found out in NZ’s news yesterday just how many cases of food poisoning there are here each year, mostly in relation to chicken.


You can always rely on science to keep doing the stuff that matters!
(Via Ann German.)


Once again, science saves the day.


Also received this tweet on the topic from Ann German.


I didn’t know that!


This is basic science. To me it’s a lot of fun, and a great way for people like me who are pretty ignorant when it comes to things like physics and chemistry to learn. However, some of you may find it too far below you.


Scenic Tweets

Wow! Just Wow!


Creepy-Crawlies Tweets



Other Animals Tweets

Elephant calves are always a winner …


Otter’s are one of my favourites – it’s their wee hands that do it.


Look at the size of that hedgehog!


Just off for a stroll. Look at those cute little legs!


Bird Tweets

How lucky can you get!!!


Dog Tweets

My favourite dog breed, and what a cutie!


Cat Tweets

Who would’ve thunk it – a llama and a kitten!




And another one!

Love this!


Ha ha! You can’t pay attention to a goat and expect the cat to play second fiddle! What were they thinking!


Gorgeous animals!
(Via Ann German.)


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