Twitter is still full of tweets about the massacre in Las Vegas. I’m still angry that so many people have to suffer and die because a small number of people want to make huge profits. They are death merchants.

Making firearms is a legitimate business if you are supplying the military and security forces of legitimate governments. There is also a genuine use in sport and hunting. Most other uses aren’t valid.

I’m not going to go on about the subject. Most of what I have to say is covered by the tweets. I would just be repeating myself.

One thing that isn’t covered enough in the tweets is religion. Almost every message is full of people telling us to pray for the victims. Most of you agree with me that prayer is a complete waste of time. There are many reasons for this, and I won’t go into all of them – it would take a whole book!

For a start, even if the particular god that people are praying to is real, the idea that He (it’s usually He) would help is delusional. Let’s stick to the Christian God that a majority in the US worship.

We’re told God has a plan for our lives. That plan has presumably been going for some time, and continues well into the future. Why would He suddenly change his plan because of a few prayers?

We’re also told that God doesn’t make mistakes. That means that this massacre is part of His plan, and because He did it, it’s good. That’s something that people should remember when they point to God as a moral authority too. This is a God who makes all the bad things happen, as well as the good things. God considers this massacre was the right thing to happen. Is He really someone who we can trust to make good moral decisions?

Prayer does nothing. Instead, if you can, use the time to do something to help. Donate a dollar to a good victim charity. If every USian gave just one dollar, and most can afford to do that, to a charity like the National Compassion Fund, it would be set for years to come.



Las Vegas Tweets

THIS is the result of the Gun Control Lobby in the USA and the failure of politicians to stand up to them. They put money before people like these. People who are now dead. And it’s lovely that some of them believe they will see each other again in heaven. Maybe that’s how the NRA, politicians and others salve their consciences. But unfortunately it’s not true. The relationships are over for ever. Death is permanent. They are never going to be able to see, or talk to, or hold, the people they love again.


I’ve made this point on Heather’s Homilies in the past. I’m glad NOW THIS is saying it too because the message will get to many more people than I can reach.


What a great response from the local community.


Gun Control Tweets

The statistics are shocking.

For too many, it’s never the right time to talk about gun violence.


I hadn’t thought of this before – the ease with which people can get guns in the US means they don’t need laws around assisted suicide.
(Via Ann German.)


From the Rosanne Cash (daughter of Johnny Cash) op-ed: “The NRA funds domestic terrorism.”
(Via Ann German.)


There are a lot of these about …
(Via Ann German.)


When people try and do something about the problem, NRA stooges put the kibosh on it.


Human Rights Tweets

This is something that should be leading news bulletins, and most of us never hear about it.
(Via Ann German.)

Political Tweets

Apparently there’ll be a press conference with “news” tomorrow on the status of the Russia Investigation by the US Senate Committee on Intelligence. Personally, I think this is probably little more than a public relations exercise. The GOP won’t allow anything substantive to come from this committee. My eggs are in the Mueller investigation basket. However, I hope I’m wrong.
(Via Ann German.)


Helping disaster relief victims in Puerto Rico. Now you know how it’s done.

Scenic Tweets

And now onto the nice stuff! Look at this! Lovely!


Amazing Temples is right!


Another incredible Mayan temple.


So lovely!


In case my mother is looking in today, this is for her. My brother took her to Mt Rushmore in 1999 and it blew her away. Those two men look suspiciously like a bogey though. ????


Cool public benches!


How did he do it?


Art Tweets

Makes you feel.


History Tweets

I’m not sure what’s really happening here – the caption can’t be correct. The Great Plague of London was in 1665, they used carts to transport the dead, and there were no cameras.


Life before modern medicine.


Considering it was made around 1,000 years ago, the quality of this bowl is amazing.

Space Tweets

Andromeda Galaxy. I always hoped I’d get to go there in my lifetime as a child. ???? There might be a colony on Mars before I’m dead, but I doubt they’d consider me fit to join it. ????


More cool science.



Fossil Tweets

I didn’t know trilobites had these. Very cool. And what a fantastic fossil!



Marine Tweets

I’m glad I’m not an Anglerfish!


Science it cool!

(Yes, I know the Venice Lagoon and waterways aren’t really “Marine”.)

Other Animals Tweets

SWCC doing more great work caring for hedgehogs.





Bird Tweets

Owls are cool! This is one of my favourite tweets ever!


So, what would you do with your “gifts” from your owl?



Dog Tweets

We all need more hugs.



Cool dude!


As long as the pet is happy, so are most people …


THIS cannot be a real dog!


Another fake dog …

Cat Tweets

It makes a good kitten bed, therefore that’s what it’s for.


There’s a lot of character in those faces!


???? My bags are packed and I’m ready to go … ???? (Can you name the song?)

This tweet was on WEIT this morning, but when I watched it there I couldn’t see the yellow thing. And besides, Jerry pinches my tweets all the time, so I’m allowed to pinch his!


And you have to watch the two videos in this post! The cats are awesome! (Did I really just use that word?)


The problems of being cat staff …


Just making sure the staff get the right food.


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