Things are not looking good in New Zealand. We’ve finally got a government, but the only people it’s ideal for are Winston Peters and his voters. The weather is gloomy after several days of lovely sunshine. And, worst of all, the All Blacks LOST! There are, of course, lots of tweets about both the rugby and the government in the Twitterverse in New Zealand.

The All Blacks losig is a guaranteed way of sending the country into doom and gloom, even if most of them weren’t already unhappy about Winnie (Winston Peters of the NZ First political party).

I had a short debate with reader Ken about our government in the comments here, It didn’t go that well because I was so grumpy about the whole thing I was, quite unfairly, not very nice to him. So I think it’s probably better if I stay off the topic for now.

As for the rugby. Woe is me! I’m just glad I didn’t watch the whole game. It didn’t start until after 10 pm NZ Time because it was in Melbourne, so I went to bed at half time. It sounds like a frustrating match from a NZ point of view.

Here’s All Blacks prop Wyatt Crockett talking about the game shortly afterwards.


Political Tweets

Trump tells is he’s a genius …


Trump has no insight, and will do his best to make anything fit his agenda.



This is the sort of thing that will keep happening because of the stupidity of Trump.


And this is the sort of person enough people is Georgia voted for that she’s a state representative!
(Via Ann German.)


One of the few things that is good about New Zealand’s new government is that we get a referendum on the legalisation of marijuana. So, this tweet piqued my interest.


I wanted to show you this tweet and the comment it includes, but the person who posted it is someone who only lets certain people see their tweets. Thus, I’ve copied the tweet and blocked their name. You won’t be able to open the tweet yourself.



Human Rights Tweets

A Richard Spencer supporter in the video in the link in the tweet (that’s like describing a family relationship!) says:

Our founding fathers were white nationalists. Now, I’m not saying that means you have to be a white nationalist, but understanding that it’s okay and it doesn’t make you a racist. It doesn’t mean that you hate other races …


Donald Trump seems determined to destroy the lives of as many as possible of those he looks down on.


Religion Tweets

One of mine from yesterday.


I could put this in the Human Rights Tweets section, but that’s glossing over the reason for the prejudice just like this video does. The problem is religion. LGBT+ people all over the world suffer like this because of the teachings of RELIGION.

Environmental Tweets

I posted this cartoon:


To which I got this excellent article in response:


Space Tweets

I don’t usually tweet small dogs because they’re not real dogs. Yappy little creatures. But I admit this is cute and cool! (And I don’t have to sully the Dog Tweets section!)

Architecture Tweets

Get your head around this!


Art Tweets

I want one!


Food Tweets

Art works made out of chocolate!


Scenic Tweets

Cool bridge in Canada.


A(nother) lovely part of China.


Magical landscape in Finland.


There be dragons!

Comedy Tweets

This really happened! A man invited strippers into his home. They stole sixteen guns. “Don’t invite strippers into your home,” he says! I love the way that magazine is positioned. Reminds us just what guns are a replacement for in many men.
(Via Ann German.)


I had to post this. It’s called determinism! Otherwise, no comment!


Entertainment Tweets

I know a man who did what the mutant in this clip did. He was out the back of the farm and his tractor rolled on him and his hand got trapped. So he cut it off. Then put a tourniquet on it and walked several miles back to the farmhouse, where he alerted a neighbour to collect him to take him to hospital. It was the only way to get out of the situation. It’s not just superheroes who are brave.


Other Animals Tweets

What a sweetie!


Another sweetie!!


Bird Tweets

Fluffy flamingo!

A series of tweets from Dr Andrew Digby on Kakapo chicks.

Dog Tweets

Oh dear!
(Via Ann German.)


I think this is really sad. It’s like waiting for your name to be called when they pick teams!


Awww …


Another way to view life – like a dog!

Cat Tweets

Gorgeous animals!
(Via Ann German.)


Are you looking today Diana McPherson? This one’s for you!


Nearly the same …


More siblings …


Two more …

Siblings in spirit?

Poor kitteh looks terrified! What’s he looking at?


There are more comfortable parts of a bed, but each to their own I suppose.


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