Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki: A New Refugee Centre for New Zealand

As a New Zealander, I’m proud to say that my country is not only improving the facilities for new refugees coming here, but increasing our capacity so we can take even more than we do currently. Pride wouldn’t normally be my response in this matter. As one of the wealthier countries in the world I consider the resettlement of refugees, paid for by the taxpayer, no more than our duty. However,... read more

Auē Tēnei Wiki: Terrorism in Colorado

I watched the events at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs unfold on TV on Saturday (Friday US time), mostly on Fox News. Throughout they were careful, as any news organisation should be, not to attribute any motive to the gunman. (For those that don’t know, Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organisation that provides women’s reproductive health services in the United States. It has... read more

Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki: NASA is Hiring Astronauts

On 14 December, a new application period for those who want to be NASA astronauts opens. I’d love to be an astronaut, but fail at a couple of hurdles even to apply. I’m not a US citizen, a history degree is not a qualification they’re looking for, and I don’t have 1,000 hours experience as a jet pilot. There’s nothing that would legally stop me applying to become a US... read more

Auē Tēnei Wiki: Women in DAESH

On Friday I spent a couple of hours going through the latest issue of Dabiq, DAESH’s on-line magazine. They released it last week to boast of the murders, injuries, and terror they have inflicted anew on the world. The events in Paris and the downing of the Russian airliner feature large. They claim, amongst other things, that the bomb on the Russian airliner was originally going to go on an... read more

The Dragonfly’s Incredible Vision

I’m subscribed to a number of YouTube sites, and BBC Earth is one of them, but as usual Amy Carparelli was quicker off the mark than me and brought this one to my attention before I got around to checking my subscriptions. This one describes the amazing vision of the dragonfly. New Zealand has some native dragonflies. I don’t know how many, but the largest is the Kapokapowai (uropetala... read more

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