This tweets post should be about the All Blacks winning against Scotland. But I forgot to watch the game. Looking at the score line, I suspect that, as expected, the Scots put up a fantastic fight.

The ongoing saga of Roy Moore being an a$$hole is, as someone who is a #MeToo, taking a lot of my attention. Donald Trump, is busy tweeting against every Democrat who has a history of bad sexual behaviour but he’s ignoring the Moore situation. As so often, given the multiple allegations against Trump himself, the stench of hypocrisy is strong.

What about the women? That’s what I have to say to all those whose tweets are all about whether the Democrats or Republicans are the worst here.

When it comes to the policies of the two parties, the GOP’s policies are the worst when it comes to women. However, that, in general, has little to do with the general behaviour of men. There will always be men on both sides of the aisle, as well as men who aren’t political at all, who don’t treat others with respect.

We can’t change what happened in the past, though we can seek justice for those who want it. We can do our best to change the culture moving forward though. People learn and grow throughout their lives, and the current focus of sexual harassment and abuse can be an opportunity to change.

When I was a child, a man beating his female partner wasn’t assault, it was, “Just a domestic.” (No man could ever even admit to being the victim of domestic violence without being labelled some sort of weakling. The idea of a man raping his wife was laughed at by most. Smacking children was routine.

When I was a teenager and in my twenties, a majority of the people around me were not accepting of same-sex relationships. Today, most of them are. A lot of those people are, of course, the same people. They have come to recognize that when some people fall in love, it’s with a person of the same sex, and the way they feel is just the same as those of us who fall in love with someone of the opposite sex.

When I was in the workforce thirty years ago, off-colour jokes were the norm. Women were expected to put up with all sorts of sexual comments and innuendo in the normal course of things. And we did. Most of those same men stopped talking like that as the years went by. That sort of behaviour became unacceptable, as it should always have been.

Our culture constantly evolves and changes, and that’s mostly a good thing. What’s happening now gives us the opportunity to make it okay to talk about being a survivor of some sort of bad sexual behaviour. The more that happens, and the more people understand what so many people, mostly women but some men too, have had to deal with, the easier it will be to stop it happening in the future.

We all need to all do our best to ensure our children learn to treat others with respect in all situations. The way to do that is to model that behaviour ourselves.

But when children see our leaders not only behaving badly, but getting away with it, it sends a bad message.



Political Tweets



It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.


SO much for MAGA!


FFS Judge Jennine! If there’s an uprising, it will be because of people like you getting the deplorables all worked up! The kind of people who were in that video on WEIT today!


This is important!


Human Rights Tweets

Was Moore’s wife a victim too?
(Via Ann German.)


All allegations of sexual harassment, abuse, and violence must be investigated, including these ones.
(Via Ann German.)


Well said!


I’m glad to see this being re-visited. This is someone else who should be expected to resign given the weight of the allegations against him.


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All the pomp and ceremony of a presidential inauguration, except those cost more and are every four years.


I like it!


This is amazing!


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Another place I’d love to see in real life!


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I’ll never turn my face up to the rain again without thinking of this!


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A whole year to wait for this! But it will be fabulous!


Donald Trump does not want these pics used, so you need to know which ones not to use.


I’ve gone off Hitchcock since someone here told me what he did to that woman with the lion. (I know what I’m talking about even if you don’t!) So I didn’t re-tweet this one. But it’s a cool pic nevertheless.


I like this picture.


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Cool pic!


Ha ha!


Very cool!


As always in the US, all the faces are young and attractive. Let’s see some faces with character! Otherwise, cool.


Very cool indeed!


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Science is cool!


Science is cool. And the robot takeover is coming. Sarah Connor managed to slow them down, but she has more work to do!


Marine Tweets

Very cool!

Name the octopus at the London Aquarium.


Other Animals Tweets

You may recognize the first clip in ‘Cute News’ as the baby crocodiles I posted a few days ago!


Ann German sent me a link to an article about Roi, an elephant calf whose mother was poisoned by ivory poachers. That led me to this video about her rescue.


Cool creature!


I don’t have enough pigs on here.


Someone has to tell me what these are because I’m not entirely sure.


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What a lovely wee thing!


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There are some breeds of dog I love, and this is one of them.
(Via Ann German.)


This made me laugh!


I think this is a dog?


Nice kitty!


The cat’s on top!


Cat Tweets

I think this is the same kitten I posted a couple of days ago. What a sweetie!


This moggie doesn’t look too happy, but it’s not moving so it must like it!




Note for Jerry: You’re supposed to put them in the ‘Hili Dialogue’ after I post them here, not before! 😀


Just looking at it makes you feel better!


I’ve posted this one before, but it’s a cool pic.





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