15 Nov 2017: Heather’s Homily (Marriage Equality in Oz) and Tweets

The fantastic news in this part of the world, seen in multiple tweets, is that the Aussies have come out in support of marriage equality. Anyone who thought that the result would be otherwise was dreaming of course. It’s been obvious for years that the majority of Aussies want same-sex marriage to be legal.

This poll, though officially conducted, was a non-binding postal referendum. However, the high turnout and strong YES vote means the government cannot ignore it. The Australian Labour party is to introduce a Bill into parliament this afternoon to make same-sex marriage legal. Some MPs who oppose same-sex marriage plan to support the Bill. This is because the vote of their own electorate was an overwhelming YES.

More difficult is the choice of some Labour MPS. There are some whose electorates were amongst the few who voted NO. They will be torn between doing the right thing for society and representing the wishes of their constituents.

Voter Turnout:


YES Vote:


Awww, isn’t she wonderful!



Another bird celebrating the day.


Political Tweets

Most of us know this of course, but it’s great to see someone on Fox News outlining the facts of the situation.
(Via Ann German.)



It’s okay to tell lies if it gets an Evangelical Christian into the Senate apparently.


Ed Stetzer, who is a former Moore supporter, doesn’t think so. Here’s what he says about the lies Kayla Moore is spreading around.


WTF is going on the the USA? They reckon they’re the greatest democracy in the history of the world! What a joke!



We got this news today too. What a waste of money this whole thing is!


Human Rights Tweets

I don’t personally believe that Jeff Sessions is dishonest. He is a racist. I’m not sure if he realizes he’s a racist. He’s one of those people that think they treat everyone fairly but their racism is so ingrained they don’t understand how much it effects them. We get far left groups who talk about all white people having a sort of “toxic whiteness”. That it’s all but a crime just to be born white. It’s people like Jeff Sessions that they can point to and say, “I told you so.”



Both the far left and the far right seem to have lost all touch with reality. In this case, it’s the far right.


On the subject of Sean Hannity. He’s apparently okay when it comes to the “don’t touch your female co-workers” rule. However, he’s an enabler. He makes excuses for, and actively supports, men who are harassers, abusers, and worse. From the time sexual abuser Donald Trump announced his candidacy, his show became little more than a Trump infomercial. He had Bill O-Reilly on when no one else would, and wanted him back. Now he actively supports Roy Moore.



Gun Safety Tweets

Another mass shooting. California this time.

When will they ever learn, when will they ev-er learn?


Just Sayin’.
(Via Ann German.)


News Tweets

Some information on the earthquake on the Iraq-Iran border.


History Tweets



Funny Tweets

I found this on Pinterest.


Ha ha!
(Via Ann German.)


I like Ben Bochner’s response here.
(Via Ann German.)


I worked this one out too. ๐Ÿ™


Science Tweets

How cool is this?!


Not long to go!


Scenic Tweets

More beauty in Italy.


Art Tweets

What a cool idea!


Flora Tweets

Big and beautiful. Not sure I’d want to stand next to it though. I’m not good at with bad smells. Still the plant would probably appreciate my vomit – it would attract a few extra flies!
(Via Ann German.)


Insect Tweets

Wow! Gorgeous!


Marine Tweets

Great news!

What a thrill that would be!


Bird Tweets




An iconic Aussie bird.


Dog Tweets

We all know a human who looks like this!


Cool kid!




Cat Tweets

Says it all.


Even Spidey knows cats are best!


It was obviously put here for us!


Those eyebrows make for a genuine Judge Cat face!


The kits grow up so quickly …


A cat costume I approve of!


The final tweet of the late Paddles, former first cat of New Zealand.



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9 Responses to “15 Nov 2017: Heather’s Homily (Marriage Equality in Oz) and Tweets”

  1. Mark R. says:

    What is sad about USian democracy is that I would imagine a large percentage of USians wouldn’t give a shit if we lived in a democracy or a theocracy or a plutocracy (which is really what we are now). I see us as very Weltdumm. It’s my made-up spin-off of Weltschmerz. We here in America are world-dumb. We refuse to learn from other successful countries. And then we elect someone like Trump. Ignorance-incarnate. Mic drop.

    True socialist democracies across the world produce the happiest humans. That’s really the only metric I care about. Mic drop.

    Spider-Man and the cat love-affair was Amazing. Amazing Spider-Man #194 (7/79) is the 1st appearance of Cat-Woman. Spidey likes cats. Incidentally, the book is quite valuable in high grade. Yes, I’m a nerd.

    • Nerds are the most interesting people, so it’s nothing to apologize for!

      It is something I notice about a lot of USians. I blame the American Exceptionalism thing. A lot of USians truly believe that they don’t need to learn anything from anyone else. They just assume they’re the best. Anyone who criticizes them is wrong, and if it’s a fellow USian doing the criticism, they’re being unpatriotic. In other countries, there’s a different attitude – we see improving our country as patriotic.

  2. Mark R. says:

    Also, very, very pleased with Australia. Welcome to the club in accepting the right that LOVE is the reason for marriage and family, not SEX.

    • j.a.m. says:

      Really? Is there any jurisdiction that requires proof of love before it will recognize a marriage? Where is that on the license application? Is it a tick box? Do you have to send in an annual renewal, like a car inspection?

  3. j.a.m. says:

    Americans are here because the old country sucked. If the old country has got better and sucks less, that’s good to know, but nobody’s interested in trading places with cousins they left behind.

    You’re right, Americans have little use for navel-gazing. We’re too busy getting rich and working on our firearms collections.

    The USA is exceptional, first, because it is a republic founded on ideas not bloodlines. As importantly, no other extant republic even approaches its scale, longevity, prosperity, and diversity. (Does this even need to be pointed out?!?)

    • It depends who you are referring to. The Puritans left because they couldn’t force their extreme religious views on everyone else so they wanted to go somewhere that they could. As for bloodlines, it seems to me that the US is run by a small number of families who control everything in both business and politics.

      And longevity? Almost all developed countries have better longevity than the US, probably because those in control only care about healthcare for those who can afford to pay for it. Everyone else is screwed.

      And you’re not even as diverse as you think you are. The big cities are diverse, but they’re all Democratic. Most of the rest of the country is not diverse at all – they’re poor and clinging to their guns and Bibles.

      We have constitutional monarchy now, which means they have NO power. They’re purely symbolic, just like the Hollywood icons so many USians follow. Everyone would soon kick up a fuss if royalty stuck their oar in, but you guys follow what entertainment figures do slavishly. And you stick to the rules in a book written by Bronze-Age goat herders partly hundreds, and partly thousands, of years before the European monarchies even had power.

      We’re better educated (especially our women, who are also more equal), fitter, healthier, more peaceful, less corrupt, more equal, more diverse, less racist, less prejudiced generally, longer living, lower taxed, and it’s even easier to do business here. Yes, overall the US in wealthier. You also have a much greater proportion of your people living in poverty.

      And all of us, including the Maori, were originally immigrants too.

      • j.a.m. says:

        If you can spare a couple of years, I’d be happy to help you plan your sabbatical touring and discovering the USA. I bet it would clear up lots of things.

        • Steven in Tokyo says:

          I think it’d be easier for you to visit New Zealand. You probably wouldn’t need two years to realize why most of us don’t want to visit, let alone live in, the US.

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