Shock, horror! When I did my tweets post on Sunday, I missed the fact that the All Blacks had beaten the French in a test match that morning! In fact, I was so ill that day I forgot the match was even on.

There were also a couple of bad losses for NZ sports teams over the weekend. Tonga beat us in a match in the rugby league world cup, which is going on in New Zealand at the moment. That’s a bit of a shocker, because it’s the first time ever a tier one team in terms of rugby league has been beaten by a tier two team.

A lot of league fans are pretty upset. The reason is one of the best players in the Kiwis (what the NZ league team is known as) has dual citizenship in NZ and Tonga. He was born in Tonga, and a few days before the tournament he said he wasn’t going to play for the Kiwis, he was going to play for Tonga instead. He left a very big hole for the Kiwis to fill at short notice. In addition, he scored most of the points for Tonga in the match over the weekend.

The expectation was that the final of the rugby league world cup this year would be between New Zealand and Australia. However, with the Kiwis’ loss on the weekend, they will now likely meet Australia in the semi-finals.

New Zealand also lost to Australia in the final of the hockey world cup on Sunday. Iirc it was 2-1. Australia was expected to win that one though.

However, the New Zealand Breakers won again last night. They beat the Perth Wildcats at home in Perth, and so remain at the top of the table. I watched the game and it was fantastic! No one beats Perth at home, and we did it! For the last eight years, either the Wildcats or the Breakers have won the Aussie basketball league, and they’re the best two teams this year, so this was especially cool.

And I’m feeling much better too, so hopefully there’ll be some proper posts coming soon.

In the meantime, here are some tweets for your enjoyment.

New Pussy Riot Song

Pussy Riot have released a new song ‘Police State’. It’s directed at both Putin and Trump. From the page where you can check out the lyrics comes this:

Pussy Riot shared a statement on Facebook to accompany the video for “Police State”. They say that in times when ‘right-wing leaders are spreading around the world like a sexually transmitted disease’ it’s important to act together and take action.

We’d be able to achieve fantastic results if we were not trapped by the idea that nothing can be changed. […] There’s a lot that can be done and should be done. Putin will not disappear tomorrow, but we can show our fellow Russians how corrupted, damaging and ineffective his rule is. If everybody who denounced Trump on social media showed up on the streets and refuse to leave until he’s gone, he’d be out of office in a week. What it takes is just to abandon our learned helplessness.

Here’s a tweet of the music video:
(Via Ann German.)


Political Tweets

Whatever else you say about Trump, he’s a dream for cartoonists, pundits, and the media.


It’s also very scary having someone like him in charge of the most powerful military on the planet.


This is a great initiative in the US.


Given how many Republicans are failing to condemn Roy Moore’s alleged behaviour, this is appropriate I think.


Mueller Time Tweets

He’s hanging in there.


As Ann German said when she sent this to me, “The plot thickens.”



Human Rights Tweets

I know some people with Asperger’s Syndrome. One in particular I’m very close to and he’s the most wonderful young man I know. It’s good to see that there is more and more understanding these days of different ways of seeing the world.


Religion Tweets

Un-effing-believable. Again. How many times do I have to say this? WTF is wrong with these people?


Modern mosques are as beautiful in their own way as the traditional ones.


This is good news.
(Via “Archie Debunker”.)


FFS. It had to happen I suppose!


Scenic Tweets

Another place on the bucket list!


Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!


Magnificent is the word!


I bet this has lots of cool nooks and crannies to explore – the kind of place you’d love to play in as a kid.


I always say New Zealand can offer the same scenic beauty of the US, but much closer together and easier to get to. But we’ve got nothing like Arizona!


When I first saw this pic, I thought it was some sort of cloud formation!


Wow again! Not a bad place to go skateboarding! (And a better use for a church!)


Funny Tweets

Ha ha!
(Via Diana McPherson.)


Reptile Tweets

Even crocodile babies are cute!


And here’s some video.


Marine Tweets

I love turtles. Here’s a rare hawksbill sea turtle for your enjoyment!


We had the first episode of Blue Planet II in New Zealand on Sunday night. I was thrilled to see New Zealand feature. They’re almost up to the third episode in the UK, and here’s a clip.


Pretty starfish!




Looks just like Mum and Dad!


There are so many strange and beautiful creatures in the oceans!


This is very cool!


And this is really cool too! I’d love to do this!
(Via Ann German.)



Insect Tweets

I got a bit carried away with re-tweeting the Wild Nature account the other day. You can see why. (There are more in the Bird Tweets and Other Animals Tweets sections.)


How’s this for a swarm?


Good luck finding this in the leaf litter!


Bird Tweets

It eats mostly bone!


Fantastic pic!


What a pretty wee thing!


Other Animals Tweets

What a cutie!


Amazing camouflage!


Dog Tweets

I don’t usually include this breed in my dog tweets, but this is quite funny.


Anyone who’s owned a Lab knows that this exactly how they would all behave in this situation!

This one enjoys its bath!


Cat Tweets

Typical activity in a cat household!


This is very sad! Probably some fu€kwit$ thought they could turn him into a vegetarian or something!




Poor kitty! Hasn’t quite worked it out yet!


I pinched this from someone else, I think on Facebook. I can’t remember who now I’m sorry. Feel free to out yourself in the comments!


Just learning!


Not sure what to say here!




Boxes are always better!


I wonder what’s down there!


This is nice.


And I save the best for last. Made me LOL anyway!




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