Comments Guidelines

I enjoy comment and discussion and welcome it on my website. However, I see allowing comments on my website as the internet equivalent of inviting you into my home, so there are a few guidelines so people know where they stand.  These guidelines will probably vary from time to time as I get to know better what to expect.  Please check them out every now and then.

First time commenters need to be approved, and this can take a while due to the limitations in my physical capacity so please be patient. After your first comment, approval is automatic unless or until you abuse the guidelines.

Using a fake e-mail address is fine, but it will mean your comments always get stuck in moderation, even if I have approved you as a commenter.

Comments I find offensive will either not be approved, or removed as soon as I find them. My decision is final and I will not enter into an argument about whether or not it’s fair or reasonable.

It’s no-one’s right to be allowed to comment, and permission can be withdrawn at any time. And remember – insulting the host is the quickest way to get kicked out.

Don’t get personal – arguing about ideas is fine; getting nasty isn’t.

Those who attempt to use the comments to sell products or services will be permanently barred.

Remember: A claim made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.