The Power of Christ Compels You – Leave Mexico!

I’ve been unable to post to my website for almost two weeks, but thanks to the heroic efforts of BuildBusiness (who host my website) over several days, I’m back up and running. A couple of days ago, Jerry Coyne kindly posted something I’d written but was unable to post on his website, Why Evolution is True. Many of you will have already read it there, but for those that haven’t,... read more

Fluoride for Taumarunui’s Water Please

I discovered just a few weeks ago that in 2011, after a presentation from some anti-fluoride activists, my local council stopped putting fluoride in our water. Their presentation went unchallenged, but was supported by one councillor, and by the end of the meeting these idiots had managed to put a stop to community water fluoridation in Taumarunui. I knew nothing about this until I happened to notice an... read more