The Kim Dotcom Effect

On 20 September, New Zealand re-elected prime minister John Key to a third term in office, and gave his centre-right party enough votes to govern alone, which is virtually unheard of in a proportional representation system like ours. The main reason for his success is simply that the National party is currently doing a good job of governing the country – basically, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.... read more

Scotland’s Positive Example to the World

It’s only a few hours now until voting starts in Scotland’s referendum to choose whether or not they stay part of the United Kingdom. The latest poll of decided voters is 49% pro-independence (Yes) and 51% pro-Union (No). Five percent of voters are still undecided and the vote is too close to call. My own opinion is the “No” vote is likely to win, just, and that is also my preference. Three-quarters of my... read more

Obama vs ISIL

President Barack Obama has received much criticism, especially domestically, for his foreign policy, and it has to be said that much of that criticism is justified. However, his strategy in relation to the self-styled Islamic State is a good one, and has a far better chance of success than any proposed by his opponents. His articulation of his plan though has been poor, and as a result he doesn’t... read more

To Vote or Not to Vote

New Zealand has a general election on 20 September, just a few days away. Most polls show the centre-right National Party is more likely to be able to form a government than the centre-left Labour Party, but results are close enough that they cannot be confident. So whichever block you want to win, it is vitally important that you vote. I see voting as one of our most important responsibilities as... read more