My Picks for Top Tweets: 17 September 2017

This will be my last post of tweets for a few days. I’m going to be doing stuff in the real world that means I won’t have time. My apologies in advance.

The All Blacks won again last night, so New Zealand is happy! I was full of concern at the start of the game, which was against the Springboks (South Africa). They’re a great team, and we’ve had a pretty good run. If anyone was going to beat us at the moment, it was the ‘Boks.

They began strongly too. South Africa got a kickable penalty. Surprisingly, one of the best kickers in world rugby, Jantjies, missed. The Springboks also absolutely demolished the All Blacks in the first scrum.  At first, New Zealand didn’t seem able to break through.

South Africa didn’t actually play badly. However, the All Blacks took advantage of every opportunity they were given by Springbok errors. Now matter how good you are, you can’t make mistakes around the All Blacks because they will capitalize, and that’s exactly what they did.

The final score of 57-0 is a new record for games between the All Blacks and South Africa. “Nil” doesn’t fairly represent how well the Springboks played. It never felt like we were running away with the game.

One of the most brilliant tries you’ll ever see:


Cat Tweets

Lovely eyes!


Watch that kitten!


This kitten is going to get stuck in a tree when it grows up.


War hero.
(Via Ann German.)


We all need love.
(Via Ann German.)


My mother’s cat repeatedly bangs on the hot water cylinder cupboard door until it opens so she can sleep in there. This cat has found another option.
(Via Ann German.)

Dog Tweets

This dog has a cat thing going on …


Aren’t they cute?
(Via Ann German.)


Remember Laika? A sad and cruel story.


Other Animals Tweets

I haven’t had squirrels for a while. These ones are cutie-pies!

Political Tweets

Yeah Mr Trump, those immigrants are really bad people. Not like all those nice big GOP-supporting businesses.


The Lithuanian flag really does look like this: 🇱🇹


This is what happens when you let fu€kwit$ like the Alt-Right have their say – everyone realizes what idiots they are and they lose their support!


Ann German has since sent me this great tweet of the MOAR (Mother of all Rallies), showing all the attendees!


(Via Ann German) From Business Insider article in the tweet below:

FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly obtained a search warrant for records of the “inauthentic” accounts Facebook shut down earlier this month and the targeted ads these accounts purchased during the 2016 election. …

Legal experts say the revelation has enormous implications for the trajectory of Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s election interference, and whether Moscow had any help from President Donald Trump’s campaign team.

“This is big news — and potentially bad news for the Russian election interference ‘deniers,’” said Asha Rangappa, a former FBI counterintelligence agent.

Religion Tweets

Learning to suffer like Jesus! Without religion, this sort of abuse would lead to jail. Disgusting sickos. 😲😭

Scenic Tweets



Santorini again, this time at night. Gorgeous!

Art Tweets

Very cool indeed!


Ha ha!


Funny Tweets

It some countries this back pack would get him arrested.

History Tweets

Now that’s a photo!

Entertainment Tweets

I bet there was a lot of Adrenalin being generated this night!


People Tweets

These people have some cool skills!
(Via Ann German.)


A very special, human moment.


Human Rights Tweets

It doesn’t change how I see water, but it’s an interesting way to bring attention to the problem.


All military forces around the world have issues with sexual assault. In 2016 Operation Respect was begun in the New Zealand Defence Force to tackle the problem. It appears to be a much worse problem in the US, and they have yet to do anything about it. That’s not good enough.


This’ll pi$$ off the Bible Belt. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. (Sarcasm alert!)



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26 Responses to “My Picks for Top Tweets: 17 September 2017”

  1. nicky says:

    57-0 is humiliating, and historical too (as you point out). I do not agree that the Bokke played very well, the All Blacks outplayed them in all facets of the game. Definitely a much better team, different class.

    • nicky says:

      I mean, the Boks dominated for about 20 minutes, but could not convert that in points on the scoreboard. Against a team like the All Blacks that is unforgivable. At half-time, the score was 31-0. The match was basically over by then. You do not recover from that, not against a team lke the All Blacks, even a red card would not have done the trick, I’d think.
      I agree that that try you showed is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen.
      There great problems with the Boks. I think Etzebeth is not the best captain, in fact his Stormers teammate Xolisi is his captain there, and a better one. Of course Whiteley is out of action.
      Hougaard is not what one would want in a scrumhalf, way to slow in his decisions, not international standard, immo. And
      that is just two of several.
      Their defense was lousy, you do not just wait until your opponents come, you go in. etc. etc.
      The All Blacks were close to flawless in their relentlessness.

      • The Springboks defence wasn’t up to their usual standard, which was the biggest problem I think. They missed dozens of tackles, and you can’t do that with the All Blacks. A good half-back does make a big difference too, as you say. You can see the difference in the All Blacks when Aaron Smith is on, and when he isn’t.

        It was a good performance by the All Blacks too, with just about everyone wanting to prove they were better than the previous week, and that made it harder for the Boks too.

        One big thing about the ABs, which you alluded to, is they know how to score. Often they have less time in the opposition 22, but when they’re there, they score more often than not.

  2. rickflick says:

    Fun stuff!

  3. nicky says:

    Yes, that water tweet is very good.
    I originate from a country with too much water, if anything, but it is good people realise that in our modern world safe drinking water is not necessarily a given. Fresh water is going to be a big problem in future. My own South Africa is among the 30 odd driest countries (and yes Oz is there too).
    Somalia is, of course a ‘basket case’, a disaster happening under our noses:
    Desert country, no government worthy of that name, lagging far behind in the demographic shift (= getting less children) and in many other things, several (muslim and/or criminal) militia all over the place, education levels close to 0. A basically Muslim medieval society even the Prophet would have despaired? (well, or not)…. Is there a worse place on Earth right now? I doubt it.

  4. nicky says:

    Yes, religion is child abuse. And nobody to comfort him. Sick indeed.
    Is that a Shia ritual?

  5. Lee Knuth says:

    The post of the boy being cut on the head was deeply disturbing. That truly is child abuse. Noticed it was attended by all men, typical of Islamic countries. Women have no say even on how their child is treated.

  6. Jenny Haniver says:

    I want to let you know that when I go to your site using any computer, I notice that the URL shows up in the address bar, no prob; however, a few seconds later, it slides to the right and a ‘not secure’ notice appears to the left. I don’t know what’s causing this, or if others are getting this notice, but I want to alert you. It makes me very nervous.

    I knew about some of the bloody rites of Ashura, practiced by the Shia, but I didn’t know that they did this thing with cutting children’s heads (girls, too) — had to Google to find what religion it was and what was going on. I don’t know if you’ve posted or seen this unusual instance of an RC Confirmation rite, where the priest gives a slap to the cheek of the person confirmed. Here the priest was definitely overenthusiastic: “Priest smacks every kid in the head” . It would be funny as a Three Stooges skit, except it isn’t and isn’t funny.

    I will miss the daily posts but understand. Hope all is well — as well as can be, that is. You have a lot of courage in your situation. It puts me to shame. I’m such a wuss.

    • Jenny Haniver says:

      Also, when I am on this site on any computer I use, and want to go straight to the comments, most of the time, the text jumps down there, then jumps up to the body of the post, so I must scroll down again to get the comments. Again, don’t know if others experience this.

      And re Aung San Suu Kyi, here’s a powerful indictment of her and her politics from the Nobel Laureate Jody Williams in an interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Co. — part 2. It is good to hear her actual voice voice, hear her speaking about these things this way, unscripted, speaking from both the head and the heart. One can hear all kinds of things in her voice that are lost in writing, however passionate that may be.

    • nicky says:

      Guessed it was Shia, they have this self flagellation thing and an obsession with blood . Sorry if I sound flippant there , but if imposed on children it is completely unacceptable in my (prejudiced?) books.

  7. nicky says:

    Mr Tek is 100% , isn’t that what we are humans for, or what?

    I still think the little tigger in your ‘cat cuddle’ in your 15 september post is the champ of cuteness

  8. nicky says:

    I’m sure I’ve seen that kitten pawning the dog (look at the dog’s face!) before, just don’t remember where…

    Santorini, aka Thyra, is probably the volcano that gave rise to the Atlantis myth. It exploded about 1600 BC and – apart from destroying Thyra (what you see now is just some remnants , cf Krakatoa)- must have caused a Tsunami that ravaged the Minoan civilisation on Crete.

  9. Mark R. says:

    Thanks for my late morning entertainment and learnings. I didn’t know about enchroma glasses, cool! I hope Jerry Brown signs the bill…the west is the best. And WTF w/ the head cutting dudes? Child abuse indeed…the religious have some fucked up ways to fuck up their kids…esp. the Abrahamic variety.

    The water story was also provocative. I heard a different story once about walking miles for water. In some village in Afghanistan, the women would walk 4 hours every day to fetch water. There were some Americans stationed near by, and once they saw the hardship of obtaining water, they decided to help. They requisitioned the materials to build a small pipeline from the well to their village. They all seemed thankful etc., but when the soldiers visited a week or so later, the pipeline had been destroyed. They first thought that a neighboring tribe blew it up. Upon further inquiry, they discovered some of the women from the village blew it up. The women claimed those 4 hours of fetching water were the best time of their lives as they could get away from their husbands. I wonder how common this kind of behavior is in countries who abuse their women.

    Be well; I’ll miss the tweets, but you had quite the run. You deserve a twitter-break. 🙂

  10. Federico Bär says:

    I’m a bit sorry to hear Ergin Tek, the Turkish restaurant holder, saying that he did what “some other businesses in the neighborhood did not” (around 1:24), but that doesn’t change the fact that I have great respect for his attitude. Surely Donald Trump will have seen this video. Otherwise, I would gladly forward it to him, just like I did with the video of the outstanding All Black try, to my five rugby-loving grandsons….

    • When I went to bed, Argentina was leading in their game against Australia 12-10. They looked a lot better too. I was hoping I would wake up the next day to a Pumas victory. Sadly, it was not the case. 🙁

  11. nicky says:

    As a child I read a book by Peter Freuchen about his life among the Inuit. He married an Inuit lady, Navarana, with whom he had two children. After her death, the mission refused to bury her in the churchyard because she was not baptized, so he buried her himself.
    I think that Dagmar Gale was his third (and last) wife.

  12. Jenny Haniver says:

    Since you and yr. readers enjoy beautiful architecture, here’s something I just happened on: the 10 most beautiful ceilings in the world, according to the BBC

  13. Federico Bär says:

    First of all Heather, I wish you well, and a speedy return to your more pleasant and rewarding activities!

    Regarding the report on sexual assault in the latter, we see the same “old boys'” mutual protection that exists in the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy. Must we therefore conclude that there are not enough good-willing officers and priests worrying about their own reputation?

    • There’s a lot of peer pressure put on people to think of the damage that would be done to the Church by going public. (It’s not just the Catholic Church either.) It used to be, and probably still is in some places in other professions too like medicine, police etc. It’s supposedly all about public confidence.

      I remember a priest in Northern Ireland who was an IRA killer in the 1970s. When it was discovered he was quietly moved to a parish in south-west Ireland to live out his days. It wasn’t discovered what he’d done until after he died. The Church had enough of a grip on enough people including police, journalists etc that they were able to keep it quiet “for the greater good of the Church.” Disgusting.

  14. Federico Bär says:

    First of all Heather, I wish you well, and a speedy return to your more pleasant and rewarding activities!

    Regarding the report on sexual assault in the latter, we see the same “old boys'” mutual protection that exists in the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy. Must we therefore conclude that there are not enough good-willing officers and priests worrying about their own reputation?

  15. Federico Bär says:

    Sorry for the involuntary repeated posting!

  16. Federico Bär says:

    “Peer pressure” is the term I was looking for, thank you! It expresses exactly what I was trying to describe clumsily as “old boys'” protection! This is not about just the Catholic Church, right you are!
    All the best in what you have to do now.

  17. After I read the first paragraph, I had to stop to do a Haka = )

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