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Trying to Make the Hijab a Feminist Statement

Many of you will have read Jerry Coyne’s post at Why Evolution is True yesterday: ‘Hijab hijinks at Harvard‘. It refers to an article in the Harvard Gazette, ‘Islamic studies scholar addresses myths and mores behind the veil‘. That article is about a talk by academic and Muslin, Celine Ibrahim. As described by Jerry, and I have to agree, it’s another move in the... read more

Why Didn’t They Come Forward Earlier?

Since the second presidential debate, there have been at least eight women who have come forward with allegations that they have been subjected to unwelcome sexual attention from Donald Trump. The ongoing reports of bad behaviour by Trump hasn’t made a single dent in the confidence of many of his supporters though. Some don’t care about what he’s done and consider his racism, sexism,... read more

Donald Trump: Phyllis Schlafly was “a Champion for Women.”

In typical Trump fashion, Trump makes his own truth. But it’s statements like this – calling Phyllis Schlafly “a champion for women” – that expose both his ignorance and misogyny. The truly great Phyllis Schlafly, who honored me with her strong endorsement for president, has passed away at 92. She was very special! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2016... read more

Guest Post: Bikini vs Burqa by Amy Carparelli

Recently, European reader and science communicator Amy Carparelli came across an article entitled Burka Vs Bikini – The Debauchery Of American Womanhood by Henry Makow (PhD).  Makow’s conclusions about why women wear bikinis are incredibly simplistic. An example of his writing: I am not an expert on the condition of Muslim women and I love feminine beauty too much to advocate the burka here.... read more

Friday Sermon in Cincinnati: Women Must Stay Home and Serve Their Husbands

There are many imams and other Muslims who are working hard to reform Islam from within. These people are often risking their lives in order to bring the values of equality and humanism to their religion. They have established mosques where men and women worship side by side and welcome LGBT people into their midst. Then there are imams like the one below. They need to be exposed for the ignorant bigots... read more

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