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Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date – Just Desserts

So much for writing a post about North Korea- that can wait. Simon’s Cat is more important! This new video – ‘Just Desserts’ – is part three in an ongoing series. I put up the first two parts when they came out, but I’ll put them all up again. That way, you get to enjoy them all together! Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date – Starters The first video came out for... read more

Simon’s Cat: Easter Extravaganza – Hop It

We have a lovely new video from Simon’s Cat for Easter in which Simon’s Cat tries to catch a bunny. He finally does nab it, but I’ll leave you to see for yourself whether he exhibits typical cat behaviour. Simon’s Cat: Eggsactly What You Need!     Simon Paints: Easter Regular readers will have already seen this in my last ‘Easter for Atheists‘ post. However,... read more

Simon’s Cat: April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day was yesterday in New Zealand, but the rest of the world is only just catching up hence the delay. This video wasn’t available yesterday! So here’s Simon fooling his cat with a red laser pointer: Simon’s Cat: April Fool’s Day     Simon’s Cat Logic: ‘Why Do Cat’s Have Crazy Time?’ This is another in the Simon’s Cat Logic... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: ‘Does Your Cat Bring You Gifts?’

This episode of Simon’s Cat Logic, where cat expert Nicky Trevorrow explains cats’ hunting behaviour, came out back in  December. However, I don’t remember ever seeing it; I just hope it’s not early onset Alzheimer’s! Or maybe the internet has given me “crazy cat lady” psychosis even though I don’t own a cat! Anyway, here it is: Simon’s Cat:... read more

Simon’s Cat: Camouflage Challenge and Comments on American Health Care

What a combination! I should probably be opining on the fate of the American Health Care Bill. However, it’s getting wall to wall coverage on every news channel and you’re probably sick of it already. Of course, my opinion is that its failure is the best result. A Quinnipiac poll that came out a couple of days ago put the Bill’s approval at only 17%. The disapproval rating was a massive... read more

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