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10 Nov: Homily (Winston Peters Again) and Tweets

I don’t know if there are any tweets about it because I haven’t looked, but a story in the Washington Post is causing a bit of a furore here. A USian living in NZ, Ben Mack, wrote a story for them called ‘How the far right is poisoning New Zealand‘. It’s incredibly ill-informed and quite maddening. The “far right” he’s talking about is Winston Peters, who... read more

3 Nov: Daily Homily (Trump’s Lies) and Tweets

Whatever you think of President Trump’s policies, you can’t pretend that he’s presidential. His daily tweets alone are enough to condemn him in the behaviour stakes. He seems to have no appreciation whatsoever of the dignity of the office he holds. And we all know there is much worse going on than the frequent tweet storms. Senator Bob Corker has referred to the White House as... read more

Simon’s Cat: Two New Videos

I’m still getting used to doing posts every day, and things are very behind. As a result Simon’s Cat hasn’t been making it onto the website as quickly as it should. In fact, I’m not quite sure how or why, but there’s also a Simon’s Cat from June that didn’t make it onto Heather’s Homilies either! I was away at the time it came out, so maybe that explains it.... read more

Simon’s Cat: Cat Yoga and … Witchcraft

This new Simon’s Cat video, Cat Yoga, came out several days ago but I’ve been too busy to post it. It’s more than 35 years since I did yoga so I don’t remember much about it, but some of the names here seem familiar. I do remember the Downward Dog, which, of course has a new name here – Downward Cat! 17 August was Black Cat Appreciation Day, and the real life Simon, Simon... read more

Simon’s Cat: Bed Head

A couple of days ago, a new Simon’s Cat video hit the airwaves, or social media, or whatever the correct phrase is these days. Simon Tofield, creator of Simon’s Cat, must be channeling the southern hemisphere! He lives in England, but this latest video is more reminiscent of what’s happening down under. As always, Simon’s Cat is very cute. I don’t want to spoil it for you,... read more

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