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More Delusions About Religion: A Follow-Up

Back in August last year, I wrote the post ‘More Delusions About Religion‘. It was my response to a Letter to the Editor that a Chris McColl had sent to his local newspaper in Australia. I saw the letter because George Takei posted  it on his Facebook page. Yesterday, Chris himself came across my post and was good enough to respond to my comments. (I’m going to call Chris McColl... read more

Widespread Child Sexual Abuse in Australia’s Catholic Church

The Australian government set up the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in 2013. There were ongoing revelations in the media of institutions moving alleged abusers moving from school to school rather than reporting them to the police. Further, some people, usually senior church, government, and law enforcement figures, allegedly hadn’t tried to stop further abuse... read more

Winner of the Week – 20 September 2015: Malcolm Turnbull

Australia has a new prime minister – the fifth in five years, and his name is Malcolm Turnbull. His predecessor, Tony Abbott had “led” Australia’s Liberal Party to thirty consecutive losses in the polls since his election in 2013. Turnbull has previously put himself forward as leader, losing to Abbott by one vote. This time the party’s lack of popularity prompted a change,... read more

Saint of the Week – 6 September 2015: Victoria, Australia, State Government

Unbelievable! Two weeks in a row I’m complimenting the Aussies! But credit where credit’s due and all that, and if I’m nice about them now, I might not get accused of racism if I abuse them during the upcoming Rugby World Cup. 🙂 But first an update. In “Saints and Sinners” on 16 August 2015, my “Saint of the Week” was Judge David Bunning. Three weeks ago the... read more

Saints and Sinners – 30 August 2015: Trump’s Press Pack and No Religion in Schools

This week the Sinner is again political – it’s easy to find a recipient in US politics – and the Saint award goes to Australia. Giving an award to Australia is damn near impossible for any New Zealander, so make the most of it – it might never happen again! There are a lot of rivalries like ours around the world. The New Zealand vs Australia rivalry is mainly a sporting one. Often... read more